3 Spiritual Medicines Your Body is Craving Right Now

Photo by Lerina Winter

Life’s a trip. Sometimes we feel good, sometimes we feel like roadkill. Most of the time, it seems like we’re just riding along the waves, somewhere down the middle. Our hearts are secretly longing to fly. Our mind is searching to for stable ground. Our bodies just not totally feelin’ it.

Our relationship to health and healing in the West has evolved drastically over the course of history. Especially In the last century, and it’s transforming more radically by the day. Yes, physically apparent forms of dis-ease have stunted our collective- felt harmony. But mankind has also been plagued with subtler, yet just as real, experiences of dis-ease (notice the wording) on the internal levels of our consciousness.

In truth, it’s all connected: inner and outer. Looking within, we’ll find that there is always room for healing on some level of our being. And looking around us, perhaps we’re not the only one.

A man sits pensively in front of a flaming propane art piece.
Photo by BrieAna Breeze

In fact, we’re all on a healing journey of sorts. The idea of health can be seen as an alignment with one’s nature. And yet there is really no more natural human experience as we know it than traversing through discomfort/dis-ease.

Therefore, it’s healthy to feel sick of this place. It can be empowering to address our weaknesses in a challenging environment.

Because our shared culture doesn’t empower us to acknowledge these unresolved turmoils within ourselves, they  tug from our subconscious on the physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual levels. Living with a blocked flow of LIFE FORCE ENERGY becomes the new normal.

And as appealing as the idea may sound, unfortunately, there is no singular quick-easy-fix-all pill we can just take to feel good forever.

No one thing can cure all things: healing is a process. You’re not broken, and we’re not all screwed. In this society, it’s healthy to not always feel at your best. Nature itself is sick, and it’s contagious.

As a collective, we are now essentially going through a process of healing the past in order to clear space for a more harmonious future. We carry with us the stuff of a whole human ancestry full with discombobulating expirience on all fronts. We therefor clear the way into a new and true humanity through doing the work on ourselves today. In bringing ourselves inward, we can tap into the magic and wonder of what it means to be one with nature.


In nature, all is an intrinsic part- with nothing excluded. None of our underlying discomforts are truly unnatural- they are simply doorways to expirience our truth. Nudges to lead us back into an expirience of our true power and potential.

After all, if life was at one monotonous level our whole existence, there’d be no meaning or adventure to the journey.

As I’ve listened quietly to my own personal process, I’ve found some of the most profound medicines were some of the most available and simple natural resources imaginable. Whether you’re alone at home, or out on your own adventures, here are a few simple medicines guaranteed to help bring you back into yourself when you’re just not feelin’ it.

1. Oneself: Discovering What You Are, Not What You Aren’t

A child with animal ears gets carried on his mothers back. He is reaching toward the camera.
Photo by Juliana Bernstein, Get Tiny

There is no more important place to begin: that thing that you’ve been from the very start. Here’s the tricky part about YOU: from the moment you’re conceived, you are forced to define yourself by things that AREN’T YOU.

As we form our identity around our relationship to the objects around us, our cause for existence becomes dependent on something “out there”- whether it be other people’s approval or material objects. Before we know it, the idea of being alone can become totally foreign and frightening.

It’s for this very reason that there is no greater medicine for any being than their own true presence.

First, nature has intended for us to simply be that which we are. The core misalignment of humankind therefore simply stems from our dissociation from our true selves. In trying to heal ourselves by running around trying to find easy fixes and band-aids for our discomforts, we ignore our discomforts deeper callings.

We use our smartphones, our drugs-of-choice, or our distractions, to avoid healing. And we are running away from our greatest medicine.

A man with long hair and no shirt feels the rain on his skin.
Photo by Aline Kras

Make the time to unplug from the external world and simply allow our consciousness to come to rest in it’s home. This is when we instantly connect to the miraculous potential of the infinite source of energy from which we are made.

From here, the healing power of nature has space to do it’s thang.

That doesn’t mean however there isn’t more work to do. In going within, things will often feel shaky before they feel awesome, as all that has gone un-addressed within us comes to the surface to be processed.

Along my path, meditation and a steady stream of self-love practice have been essential in helping me navigate, as well as surrender to these deeper processes. That’s how I get the maximum benefit from this time spent alone.

It’s by no means an easy journey, and yet the first step to making it smoother lies in tuning in to listen to what our bodies and beings are really asking for. It’s only when we’re in this space within ourselves, that through our conscious presence we can help to truly heal the world.

2. Movement: Unlock Your Physical Reality

Photo by Julia Muse, Inner Muse Photography

If you don’t move your car, your batteries will die. Let that sink in for a minute.

We are moving beings. It is for this reason that we’ve been gifted these physical vehicles in the open playing fields of space and time.

As we settle more into our human-ness, there’s so much excitement about our mental potential. Yet, with the evolutionary draw to the shiny promise of electronic magic, we’ve managed to practically leave our bodies behind in the process.

As we approach Singularity, we construct our reality beyond our animality. The truth of our health however lies in our embodiment, in feeling the body, mind, and soul as the oneness that they are.

Our monkey-minds are anxiously leading us away from ourselves. Going within to find stillness makes room for our true essence to lead the way.

Where is your body calling to take you? How does it want to move?

We must set ourselves free through body-oriented practice.

Two kids play and dance
Photo by Gaby Esensten

Our body is the vehicle that our spirit uses to express itself. Like our higher essence, our bodies are capable of ever-expanding, stretching, strengthening, dancing, whizzing, whirling, playing, and moving through time and space. We must undo the mechanical knots of our societal conditionings through motion.

It doesn’t matter what you do or how you look doing it, all that matters is you move yourself. Even better yet, let yourself be moved. It’s easy to feel drained, ungrounded, unclear, and stagnant when we are not letting our bodies shake how they want to. But a healthy body is just one step from the screen away.

In dancing with this conscious intention, movement is the gateway to the soul.

Whether doing yoga, martial-arts, running, walking, lifting, climbing, playing, or dancing (my favorite), when we’re active everyday we are supporting the FULL expression of what we’ve come to earth to be. Through simply tuning into the body, our physical sensations of endorphin-blazin’ yummy goodness contain so much of the essential medicine we need.

While we’re here, this body is where it’s at.

3. Expression and Creation: Let Your Spirit FREE

A man stands in front of his creative creation. A bamboo structure with many squiggly swirls.
Photo by BrieAna Breeze

If you adhere to the idea that we are made in the likeness of a creator, than we are, inherently, creators. If you ascribe strictly to science, then you accept that matter cannot be created or destroyed. Either way, we are either creators or manipulators of existing material.

We express ourselves by the way we interact with and restructure matter. In fact, that is what our bodies are: restructured matter. As within, so without.  

In honoring the uncomfortable parts of our lives, we find our authentic expressions as tokens of the beauty, truth, power, art, and meaning of our experience. In all of it’s fullness.

Even the stickiest parts have a chance to be revealed in their essential beauty when expressed intentionally. Actually, especially the stickiest parts. In these cases, it is often the aspects we can’t quite make out that seek a most creative release in the physical realm. In this way, we open portals in the world for these aspects to become more free and integrated.

Ever notice how good it feels to write out about a poopy day? Or sing about a broken heart?

Our energy was made to flow. Floooowwww. What goes stagnant quickly becomes sick and dies (see: atrophy). Our repressive social systems (class, race, religion, gender…) have molded and taught us to repress our natural free-flowing energy so as not to disturb the status quo. Therefore, these mundane and rigid structures keep humanity enslaved to itself.

Consequently, we all carry around unprocessed emotions and suffocated spirits. Because we don’t quite know how to fully feel through our bodies, we delay our development into our FINAL FORM, withholding ourselves from fully manifesting in this world.

A woman in costume walks her pet blow-up animal in front of a wild blow-up art structure.
Photo by Juliana Bernstein, Get Tiny

With all these limiting beliefs about our own rights and abilities to fully be what we are, we actually restrict our healthiest potential gene expressions from being unlocked on the cellular level (see: epigenetics). 

And yet it is exactly through our free creative expression that we can undo this process.Expression rewrites your whole system to allow your essential energy to flow through you authentically and unencumbered.

The first medicine your body is craving is to know itself on its own accord. The second medicine is to activate the body and discover its place in time and space. The next step is to use your body and your flow to pour your intention into an act of creativity, to SET YOUR SPIRIT FREE into the world.

This means you must use your creative languages: song, dance, writing, drawing, or any other type of expression, to channel your muted soulsong. It’s of the utmost importance for a holistically healthy life.

Not only that, but in trusting and allowing our spontaneous impulse to artistically unleash, we integrate our souls with the creative matrix of the universe to create a home in the here-and-now. In doing so for our own healing, we use our creations as medicine to help heal and serve a world struggling to feel comfortable knowing it’s own repressed aspects. Because really, it’s all one.

So perhaps most of all, in expressing out into the world, we create an opportunity for all to remembr our connection.

A man dressed all in white shares an intimate conversation with another fellow human.
Photo by Aline Kras

Authentic expression carves out an environment that that proves it is safe to be heard and seen. It creates sacred space. It let’s the part’s of us that feel most estranged find home. In establishing a perimeter of safety, others can receive the healing they need, as well as discover their own form of creation and self-healing. 

This life can be whatever we create. As we trust our own creative flow, we build a world that support all humans to live in ultimate health- nurturing, honoring, and inspiring their fullest spiritual expression.

This crazy world is trying to sell us a billion different products, vying for our debt and attention. Going within is always the first step into healing and protection from these outside forces.

From this space of meeting our deeper callings, we can let our essence start to inhibit and move through our bodies, bringing healing into the world around us. In remembering our power as co-creators with our environment, we can then start to relate to this world in light of it’s deeper potential to serve our healing.

At Lucidity, we offer a lot of opportunities to experience the kinds of spiritual healing you’ve now read about:

  • Check out the immense workshop schedule that includes teachers of both esoteric and grounded concepts to help you explore the nature of Self and consciousness.
  • Enroll in Lucid University Courseweek programs like CreativeWorks or BodyWorks to work through the builds ups we all experience in our flow
  • Join us at the I AM Healing Sanctuary. We build one of those carved out spaces to learn about, explore, and immerse ourselves in the many multi-dimensional modalities of healing. 

Stay tuned for segment two as we expand our sense of self to explore the medicine there is in re-membering our greater place in this magical world around us. Happy healing ☺

Adi Beth

I’m just a universal creature tryna live this life thing as best I can. What keeps me moving in passion, purpose, and excitement, is the sense that there is something BIG going down- that we are living during the greatest evolutionary transformation our species has yet known.

Not only that, but that it’s happening THROUGH us. From dancing, to singing, to writing, in tuning into my heart to honor what feels good for my own personal process, my intention is to use my creativity to uplift this world into it’s remembrance of our sacred power in unity.

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