Eco Mermaids Making a Splash

Written  by Kate Nelson, Co-founder, CEO of Save the Mermaids

There will be plenty of Mermaids splashing around at Lucidity. Mermaids swimming in giant tanks, mermaids frolicking through the festival grounds, mermaids dancing to dub step, and mermaids preaching ocean conservation. That’s right, ocean conservation. Might not seem like your typical festival activity, but that is precisely why these Mermaids are doing it.

mermaids1Save the Mermaids is a local ocean conservation non-profit made up of “Ambassadors to the Sea,” or people living life to benefit the ocean, not harm it. As Mermaids, we represent the nurturing feminine power of the beautiful, awe-inspiring ocean. We try to express the ideology and our personal message of ocean conservation in a magical, mystical, feminine, loving way. We Mermaids are very open to sharing our research, views and personal tips to inspire change with the hope that we eventually reduce our collective impact on the environment.

Our main focus is single-use plastic pollution and we take our roles as Mermaid Ambassadors seriously-meaning we never ever use straws, plastic to-go ware, red Solo cups, etc. Thus when the opportunity to be involved with Lucidity arose, we flipped out of the water! Lucidity is not only a Mermaid Approved event, it is an example to the world of impressive commitment to sustainable values and ingenious innovation in execution. After interviewing Alison Hensley, Food and Sustainability Coordinator, for our blog, we are beyond smitten. She has truly thought of everything from reusable stainless steel cutlery and dishes PLUS daily dish washers to extreme background checks on all food vendors to ensure the highest standards of sustainable, local and organic foods are met.

Save the Mermaids is committed to being a part of this solution by helping festival attendees know mermaids2exactly what to expect and how to be prepared to be a part of the thoughtful zero-waste system. We will have a “Meet the Mermaid” workshop in the Family Garden on both Friday and Saturday morning. On Friday, families are welcome to join us to learn about the ocean eco-system, plastic pollution in the sea, and some fun, do-it-yourself solutions. On Saturday, we have a fun arts and crafts workshop to learn how to transform a T-shirt into a reusable bag! In Jade’s Mermaid Village, we will have a beautiful set up where we will have more information about our quest to reduce plastic pollution in our vast, yet vulnerable sea. Since Lucidity is a community of open, loving, compassionate people, we so look forward to the inspired and beautiful conversations we know are to come.

Please find us on Facebook to stay informed on Lucidity and Save the Mermaid’s efforts to make this Festival a phenomenal experience for our community and a low-impact event for our generous environment.

Join our festival workshops in the Family Garden to pariticpate in our mission!

1- Friday Morning: Presentation about single-use plastic pollution and the vulnerabilities of the ocean eco-system and all the beautiful creatures of the sea.

2- Saturday Morning: Teaching an “Up-Cycle an Old T-shirt Into a Reusable Bag” class for kids and other arts and crafts with used plastics.

Call to all festival go-ers to bring used t-shirts to donate to our workshop!

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