What Does Love Got to Do With E-mails and Getting Stuff Done?

In addition to the mind staggering logistics, the frequent meeting summaries, the schedule reminders, and the neverending correspondences with collaborators, we also like to share our love and gratitude for one another within our email world. Our Lucidity production’s internal digital communication culture is a pandora’s box of inspiration, excitement, frustration, miscommunication, and clarity. We’ve got it all! We’re pleased to share this delightful email, sent from Ally Gomez to the whole team.  We share it with YOU Lucid Family, because you’re a part of this team! Do you hear the rally call?


Blessings Family,

I am writing to you to express my gratitude for each and everyone of YOU. I am humbled everyday when I see the hard work and dedication shown to me in the form of emails jumping from 1 to 30 in an hour. I am empowered by the new routine and surprise of phone calls each and everyday; getting to hear your voices, excited in anticipation for who is going to call next and with what story. The feeling of completion is wrapping itself tight around me after each and every face to face and virtual meeting. Opening the few doors still closed, that needed that last bit of information to unlock and spread the LIGHT <3

This quest has been an opportunity for growth in places we didn’t realize we needed to grow, and some places where we knew we did but didn’t know how. We have had high roads, low roads, side roads, rivers to cross, rocks to climb, and woods hacked with machetes to clear a straight path seen faintly in the distance. Can you see it clearly NOW? I am watching the unfolding of another year, this one a quest to bring US together. No mistake that this is the Kindred Quest. Mirror images of like-hearted individuals with spiritual connection in search of something TOGETHER.

Photo by David Pricco
Photo by David Pricco

The reason behind sharing this FEELING of gratitude for each and everyone of you, is to send the warmth and core of what is being created on this journey together from my BEing, to my direct reflections, YOU. I know on this quest there has been times when the warmth has felt a little cold, when the heat could have been a little cooler, and when the CORE of why we are traveling together has felt a little unclear.

I want to bring the awareness back to our compass, our heart, our internal and all-KNOWING spiritual guide, ourselves. I want to give ourselves a hug for all the creative juices flowing into this quest. For the plans and map drawings before we began. For the lunches made, and the backpacks packed with all our favorite belongings to bring along with us. For the letters to loved ones who knew that we were about to embark upon a journey… we knew it would be a long one, but we were committed to taking the high road and accomplishing what we set out to do. What was this quest we were to accomplish again? For me, it is the chance to journey with each one of YOU and spend every NOW, creatively, instinctually, lovingly, manifesting our yellow brick road toward the place that we call HOME. That is what I set out to accomplish. The destination at the END, although large and in charge at times, is the result of the hard work on our quest together. The place where we celebrate our accomplishments and admire the lucid city that was built upon our backs.

As the festival is brewing up ahead, I can see the lights falling from the sky, the rumbling of the bass under my feet, and the faint sound of children laughing coming from straight ahead. Can you see the fairies hiding in the bushes we pass? Are you imagining the healers opening their arms to GIVE your worked body a well deserved break? Is the thought of losing yourself on the dance floor, creeping up closer and closer? Whereever your imagination is leading you on this journey, may it be in service of LOVE <3 Always and in All Ways <3 Spread the love my friends. Send your love, your journey, your adventure to the world and scream it out loud to let all those know who didn’t adventure with us, to meet us at the end, to CELEBRATE <3

Emails don’t always have to be about getting to the point, being concise, highlighting the important facts, CC’ing who is necessary, letting go of the story and only listing the FACTS for easy reading. This love letter is about the story, sharing my journey, my quest, my love, my light, with all of YOU

<3 I see you, I thank you, I honor you, I love you <3

Alyson Gomez

Lucidity Administrative Director


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