Transitioning Our Efforts Towards a Regenerative Future

Photo by Foster Snell

“We resolve to be Guardians, Stewards and Engaged Activators, not just for our own backyards, not just for the village we call home, but for our communities of communities and for our precious garden planet.” – Lucidity Festival

The Lucidity Festival seeks to take the concept of sustainability to new heights in every installment of the annual gathering. In striving to do so, Lucidity promotes heightened consciousness and positively transforms individual lifestyles. Let us make the move towards being regenerative.

It’s so much more than just the music; this event has the power to awaken a sense of environmental justice within its attendees.

This year, as a collective community, we venture into the concept of Regeneration Earth. As the ninth edition of Lucidity creeps up just around the corner, event organizers continue to encourage environmental awareness among festival-goers and on-staff dream makers.

What is your regenerative intention?
Photo by Clovis IV

The pioneers of the Lucidity Community have pledged to play their part and lower the festival’s negative impact by leaving a positive trace on the Live Oak Campground. 

Just east of Santa Barbara, the Los Padres National Forest is a true hidden jewel in the Southern California biosphere. It’s our responsibility to preserve the site’s natural beauty.

According to the United States Forest Service, our Lucidity venue doubles as a habitat to nearly 468 native wildlife species. Keep in mind your individual role of climate action towards the life on land; from birds and mammals to the natural vegetation.

Let’s not be ignorant now. The first step towards regeneration is to hold oneself accountable in order to reach new areas of growth.

Music and Arts festivals take their toll on the biosphere; but also present the opportunity to be the change in the stigma of unethical waste disposal and irresponsible festival attendees. 

Photo by Edward Clynes

In fact, there are upcoming events to get a head start on rejuvenating Live Oak prior to the festival. Start to become regenerative sooner than later.

If you’re local and available on the morning of Feb. 1, 2020, Lucidity will host a public campground cleanup day in an effort to contribute to nourishing the land throughout all seasons of the year. Gloves, buckets and trash bags will be provided. More information can be found here.

Or you could join us for Regenerative Action Day starting April 8, 2020, and play an active role in learning how this process is possible. Deepen your connection with the festival grounds and then stick around for the weekend to follow!

Lucidity has arguably made a name for itself as a leading organization in sustainable gatherings. It’s the little things like these designated trash-pickup days, permaculture workshops, powerful workshop lessons on environmental consciousness, an online “Leave it Better” checklist and the mere perspective of the geniuses who make the event what it is.

Leave Live Oak EVEN better!
Photo by Brie’Anna Breeze

“Regeneration Earth” should be taken as more than just the title of Lucidity 2020.

It’s a paradigm that should be kept fresh on the mind leading up to, during, and after the big weekend.

It takes a village, that’s for sure. But it’s the shared mindset of the Lucidity community that gives me hope for humanity’s future relationship with the planet.

Together we hold the power for ecological renewal, regeneration and growth for generations to come. Together we lead by example and inspire the festival community to do the same.

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