Seeking Shelter? Shiftpod Comes to Lucidity!

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You’ve seen them at festivals. You know? Those conspicuously shiny and spacious tents that pop up in seconds. If you haven’t seen a Shiftpod yet you’re about to get acquainted!

Moon’s Eye View will continue advancements in Lucidity’s effort to further new, progressive incorporations in each chapter of the festival saga. This year, Lucidity is in the works of sharing an Advanced Shelter System with both artists and attendees alike.

SHIFTPOD has teamed up with Lucidity to provide a charitable method of installing secluded, shaded spaces for a comfortable weekend all around.

There will be 20 SHIFTPOD units awaiting performers upon arrival, acting as Moon’s Eye View’s exclusive artist campsite. There will also be a Lounge Pod activation near the Fishbon placement that will include charging stations and other decor.

Photo by @FishMakesPhotos

SHIFTPODS are aesthetically flashy and quite attention-grabbing, but these hideaways have a deeper meaning than what meets the eye.


SHIFTPOD’s products were inspired by NASA technologies. The shining, geometric domes create reflective, insulated spaces that are geared towards optimal comfort in any condition.

They’re stitched with synthetic down micro-fiber insulation that can face climates of any kind; they’re wind-resistant, and can simultaneously trap heat in cold atmospheres and reflect the sun in the heat due to their patented composite fabric coatings.

The newest SHIFTPOD model was allegedly tested in some of Earth’s harshest environments and faced winds up to 100MPH. All of this security is easy to set up, and pops up in an average of 22 seconds!

Did we mention that for every 20 SHIFTPOD units sold, the company donates one to a family in need?

The popularity of this donation system has grown to be so popular SHIFTPOD created an entire separate foundation to give back more. It’s called the Shelter Coin Organization. Shelter Coin provides relief to disasters, both natural and those caused by poverty.

“In the last few years we have been on the front lines of earthquakes, forest fires, and other disasters that have caused people to lose everything,” Shelter Coin explains on their website. “We’ve put together a team of Super First Responders, the best of the best with decades of experience at disaster relief. We’ve created a new product, a 40-foot shipping container with everything needed for an instant relief camp for up to 1600 people.”

There are a variety of SHIFTPOD models and accessories that you can purchase for yourself through the organization’s online shop. They come in all shapes and sizes to adapt to different settings and needs. In fact, if you’re 6ft tall you can even stand up in the thing!

It’s inspiring to see their greater good tied into Lucidity as festivals around the globe seem to catch onto the trend of leveling-up and bettering society.

Purchase your Shiftpod here and use code LUCID5 upon checkout to get 10% off!

Tickets to Lucidity available here!

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