The Dream Maker Program: Experience Lucidity Through the Gift of Participation

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The Dream Maker program is Lucidity’s work-exchange program that offers a fun and accessible opportunity to participate in the production of the festival.

This program is fundamental to the success of Lucidity Festival. After submitting an application and being accepted, participants are given a team assignment and shift schedule.

Most Dream Makers work 3x6hr shifts (18 hours total) over the course of the weekend in exchange for their festival ticket, but fulfilling the required hours before or after the event is also an option.

Contributing your time and energy in exchange for a festival ticket at Lucidity is a great opportunity for many reasons.

Here’s why our Dream Maker Work Exchange program is a wonderful choice for people of all backgrounds and experience levels:

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Make lots of new connections!

Are you new to the festival world? Considering attending the event alone? The work exchange program is an excellent way to meet lots of new people and connect with your future festival family.

With over 350 people in the program, you will always be on a shift with other work-traders. Plus, working together and collaborating towards a common goal is always a rewarding feeling.

Be part of the behind-the-scenes action and learn something new!

Get involved in a deeper way, while learning more about all the effort that goes into making events like Lucidity Festival possible.

There are 10 different work-exchange roles available, and we do our best to place every applicant in a position that they have indicated they are interested in.

No previous experience is necessary to participate in the Dream Maker program.

Photo by Alexander Siegel

Save money – trade your time & energy for a weekend pass!

Perhaps one of the most enticing aspects of the Dream Maker program is the ability to work in exchange for admittance to Lucidity Festival at a fraction of the cost.

Your precious time and a small impact fee grants you a GA festival ticket (along with other perks, such as free early entry access, a Dream Maker t-shirt, 1 delicious meal per shift, and more).

Work pre or post event and enjoy the entire festival off!

If your availability allows, you may fulfill your hours either before or after the event. This grants you the ability to complete your work exchange commitment without missing a moment of the action.

Select Pre or Post Event on the application if interested in this option.

Lucidity Festival would not be possible without the hard work & dedication of hundreds of work-traders. The Dream Maker program provides a backbone of support throughout the festival, meaning the event would simply not be possible without this amazing team of awesome humans.

Interested in becoming a part of the action? We’d love to have you! Please submit an application here and invite your friends to join!
You may also be interested in checking out our Ambassador Program, where you can represent Lucidity and make money in the process!

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  1. Can I PLEASE get a refund for the work exchange ticket I purchased for $270 over a year ago: Order #1253419385 – February 10, 2020.

    Thank you!!!

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