6 Practices to Welcome a New Day

Photo by Larina Winter

What makes you feel balanced? Grounded? What makes you feel at home?

Gatherings like Lucidity can birth a newfound sense of community, openness, and ease of being. And for many, even those who have come to consider this environment a second home, an adjustment period is needed upon arrival.

Our daily routines can easily feel uprooted as we work to welcome in an entirely new way of “waking up.” How we begin our mornings is a beautiful practice to help us drop into our new home for the weekend. 

Here are a few practices to kickstart each morning at Lucidity:

1. Begin by simply being aware of your body

The tension you may be holding onto physically weighs heavy. Be aware of your straight spine and your deep inner strength that holds you upright.

Let your mind travel up your body from your feet toward your head. Pausing to let go of tension where you feel it. Especially in the areas of your hips, belly, heart, throat, shoulders and forehead.

Photo by Lerina Winter

2. Ask yourself

“How may I let go to more fully arrive into this moment?” Are you willing to let go of the restrictions and beliefs that are holding you back from speaking your truth?

Are you willing to let go of the past that keeps you from fully opening your heart? Can you willing to let go of negativity and patterns that are preventing you from fully honoring and embodying your holy vessel? Are you ready to wake up?

3. Set a loving intention for the day

“How can I hold myself in the most gentle, loving way today? What can I do to nourish myself? What is my heart asking for? How can I find my flow amidst change?” Pause and listen.

4. Wake up and rise

Stand up – internally and externally. Feel the strength of the earth beneath you supporting anything you carry into the day. Be curious and explorative in your surroundings. Take five deep breaths and acknowledge: What do you hear? Smell? See? Find comfort in knowing there are so many of us sharing each day.

Photo by Edward Clynes

5. Think about that which are you grateful for in this moment

Feel the abundance. You are never alone, a blanket of love and support is forever bundled around you. Whatever emotions come, welcome them. Welcome your ecstatic joy. Embrace your nervousness. Find comfort in your sadness. This wild range of emotions affirms your humanness and your insane gift to FEEL.

6. Finally, breathe into your heart…

“What is one thing that I want to share today? Think about it so deeply that you can feel it in your bones, smile as you do.

Believe it. Affirm it. Celebrate it. Celebrate yourself. Give yourself a big hug and squeeze extra tightly. And remember, we are all on this journey together. 

Lucidity is a space where you are encouraged and supported to step into your truest expression of Self. You are invited to feel a sense of calm and serenity…secure in who you are…knowing who you are.

Whenever you feel out of flow, you can always bring your awareness inward. In doing so you may find your expansion. Your evolution. Perhaps a perspective shift. Your affluence and flow and empathy and love and light. Your ability to see growth and potential in every moment. This is you. You are love(d). 

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