Embodied Presence: Coming Home to the Body

Two men and a woman arms raised and holding hands. Siting cross legged in a workshop.
Photo by Lerina Winter

Release the past, arrive to the present, and dance into the future. 

Embodying It All

The global pandemic has changed all of our lives. Many of us have not only been physically separated from others, but also physically disconnected from our own bodies. Fortunately, with every crisis there is opportunity to come together stronger than before. We return with a deeper appreciation for the resilience, health, and vitality of our bodies.

Embodiment practices are a huge part of the Lucidity experience. The Lucidity Movement Lab hosts classes in breathwork, yoga, contact improv, flow play, interactive dance, and free form expression. While we cannot wait to explore playful movement and liberated embodiment with you all, we also honor that for many — especially after 2 years of isolation and disconnection  — truly dropping into an embodied state and expression may feel challenging. 

Every time we step onto our yoga mats or the floor of ecstatic dance, a courageous act is committed.

Man laying on back with feet in air. Woman balancing on his feet doing Bird pose - Acro yoga.
Photo by DNA Imagery

A willingness to turn towards ourselves, instead of away.

A willingness to notice sensation.

A willingness to experience emotion.

A willingness to be fully present.

A willingness to face it all with an open heart.

A willingness to feel what needs to be felt.

A willingness to heal.

Returning to Union

The practice of yoga — union of mind, body, heart, & soul — asks us to fearlessly examine the parts of ourselves, our lives, and our world that are not in union. It requires us to be radically honest about the disconnection that exists within ourselves and the world around us.

Caramel skinned woman wearing "Make Yourself Great Again" sweater sitting, posing for picture
Photo by Amandala Photography

Embodiment practices are some of the most effective tools for healing trauma and reconnecting to the body. After 2 years of collective trauma, these practices are needed now more than ever before. Yoga allows us to become acquainted with the body’s somatic expression — of joy, pain, grief, and love — and meets all emotions with non-judgment, acceptance, and compassion. Healing through embodiment is a journey of living more fully expressed — mentally, physically, emotionally, energetically, & spiritually.

Bessel Van Der Kolk says: “It’s great to be able to put your feelings into words, and to feel that somebody understands your suffering is enormously comforting. But it doesn’t make your body know that you are safe. The real method is resetting your physiology. Yoga really attends to the body and breath, attends to stillness. It allows you to feel everything you feel, to tolerate every sensation, and to live and move with it.”

When practiced with awareness, embodiment practices like Yoga hold immense potential to help support healing on all levels. One of our main intentions behind the Movement Lab is to cultivate a space where we can all take a deep breath, slow down, listen, feel, pay attention, release, and explore — to truly rediscover freedom in our bodies and lives.

Yoga workshop with group standing on yoga mats, arms raised high
Photo by Brieana Breeze

We welcome your fullest embodied expression of the past, the present, and the future at Lucidity 2022. May we let go of that which is no longer serving us and step step into our embodied truth. It’s time to rediscover what it means to be alive!

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