Reawakening the Everyday Sacred

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There are miracles happening around us every single day ~ the rising and falling of the sun, acts of selfless kindness, the interaction of elements, birth…

Sometimes our day-to-day existence keeps us just busy enough to dull the magic that surrounds us. In truth, every breath we take, every sunset we witness, every fiber of our existence is a miracle.

And when our routines have made us lose sight of this, it’s time to consciously invite back our sense of wonder for being alive, and choose, with intention, to honor our daily existence.

Sacred” and “ceremonial” are often descriptors reserved for specific acts or gatherings: sacred altars, medicine ceremonies, sacred circles, wedding ceremonies, etc.

But why do we need a special day or occasion to create a connection with the divine? What would it look like to give ourselves permission to be in ceremony every day?

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Our souls long to be in sacred connection, to be celebrated, to be in union with our surroundings, to be held in divine reverence.

How can we stay connected to the profound when living the mundane?

How do we continue to radiate our unique Lucidity when the stresses of daily life dim our luminance?

It starts with giving yourself permission to begin again. Right here, right now.

I invite you to



To make time for sacredness. To look into the eyes of as many passersby as you can. To honor your body, your vessel for experiencing this world. To create ceremony for yourself, for your emotions, for your daily experiences.

First, make space to notice. Be willing to ask the questions and receive your soul’s feedback. What are some aspects of your being that are yearning for more attention? Where in your relationship to yourself and others do you want to hold more sacred energy?

Next, dream up your reality. Imagine if everything in your life felt connected. Imagine if everything in your life felt ceremonial. What does it look and feel like? Who do you attract into your world? What types of conversations are you having? How do you take care of yourself?

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Then, take action. What is one habit you need to let go of? What are three practices you are willing to commit to your daily life? What do you need to do to transform your “home” into a safe, honorable space? Who are your allies you can reach out to for support?

Here are some ideas to get you started…

Cleanse Your Energy

What if someone gave you a precious gemstone and told you that at the end of your life, after your physical body passed away, this stone is the ONLY thing that would continue your journey onward?

And what if I told you that this precious gemstone is your energy? How would you care for it?

Ultimately, all we have is our energy. Our material gains are recycled, our physical gains slowly disintegrate, yet our energy remains infinitely. Cleanse it, protect it, and expand it.

Photo by Marisa Pfenning

For generations, white sage and similar herbs have been used for purifying, cleansing, and protecting energy. Sage is a sacred tool that can be used in ritual to rid yourself and your space of bacteria, negativity, and stagnant energy.

When I use sage for clearing and cleansing my energy, I take a moment before lighting the sage to identify what I’m trying to purify or release from my aura and space.

Then, I welcome in the herb’s wisdom by guiding the smoke around my body, pausing at my head, ears, eyes, mouth, heart, and womb, and repeating the prayer:

“Please help me think with ease, please help me hear and receive with clarity, please help me see with compassion, please help me speak with integrity, please help feel with love, please help me create and birth healing.”

You may have different prayers for your cleansing, yet in these practices, we share the same trust in the ancient wisdom of the plants to guide us and ground us.

Photo by Brian Ngo

Build Friendship with Fragrance

Our sense of smell is wise beyond belief. Aromatic properties of pure essential oils, flowers, and herbs are catalysts for change in our mind, body and spirit.

Put simply, fragrances shift energy states. They are sensually stimulating and pleasing, and also pair powerfully with setting intentions.

If I feel my heart closing or absorbing toxicity, I often call on my good friend Rose. She is a powerful resource for connecting us deeply to our hearts, and naturally bringing in more love and sensuality.

If I feel anxious and out of touch with my divinity, I spend some time with Lavender. She is a scent and symbol of love and devotion, and is an amazing essence to create a nurturing, sacred space and bring balance to the mind and spirit.

If you are new to using fragrances for sacred connection, I suggest exploring the rainbow of scents!

Spend time with different essential oils and herbs, name as many adjectives as you can for the sensations they stimulate in you and use them as medicine as you explore the needs of your unique physical and emotional DNA.

Photo by Marisa Pfenning

Express Gratitude, Daily

For much of my life, I’d open my eyes in the morning and my first thoughts and feelings were worries and anxiety.

I’ve learned that if there is anything that keeps me from my connection with the miraculous nature of life, it is my fear, anxiety, and self-limiting thoughts.

It is a simple, yet profound, practice to begin each day in gratitude. Take 15 minutes when you first wake up to be in a state of gratitude.

One of my favorite practices is blessing my food.

As someone who has struggled with an eating disorder, it has been truly transformation to simply pause and give thanks for all of the ingredients in my meal, all of the elements that helped the plants grow, all of the loving hands that prepared the food, and all of the nourishment that it will offer my body.

Thank you ocean, thank you flowers, thank you body, thank you elements, thank you surroundings, thank you teachers, thank you to this day. And as the day continues on, know that you can always return to this state. 

Expressing gratitude is a sacred, ceremonial practice. An anchor for our connection to ourselves and the world around us.

Photo by James Lester

Onward and Upward

In his book “Becoming Nobody,” Ram Dass reminds us that “The game is to be where you are. Be it honestly and as consciously as you know how.”

So as we move beyond these words and back into our days, I ask, where are you right now (physically, emotionally, spiritually)?

And how are you showing up for your own divinity?

Echoing the powerful and thought-provoking reflection of Ram Dass, I invite you to think about how you can show up more honestly and consciously, for exactly who you are, where you are, right now.

In doing so, you will cultivate sacred reflection and celebration for not only yourself, but for all those around you.

You have some beautiful work to do my friend, begin it!

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