Music Comes Alive at Lucidity Festival 2013!

Lucidity would like to introduce some of the live music performances of 2013. Prepare to groove, dubstep, hip-hop, rock, psych n’ roll through three magical days of live tunes. Live music, aerialists and performers will go virtually all day, everyday at the Alive Stage! Don’t miss out on these talented artists!

Above: Live Music Lucidity Festival 2012

Alive Stage music talent booking and coordinator Devin True says he focused on,”originality and quality from the musical acts while including input from the audience through interactions on facebook and social media to stay in alignment with attendees musical interests and who they would like to see at the festival.” From there Devin worked to find a balance between the festival vision and including a wide variety and deep diversity of music on the bill.

Here’s a brief overview of this year’s killer live music, focusing on some bands you may not have detected on your Lucidity music radar screen, but are absolutely worth checking out! Find a a full list of Live Music performances at

The musical-vision quest sets sail Friday with the electric dance and subsonic beats of BassMantra. Proxima Parada is gonna bring us on a ride of soul, blues, jazz and funk. Honeybrew will be taking the stage with Karl Hunter from Big Bad Voodoo Daddy. Soon after Oliwa from He’s My Brother She’s My Sister will be performing with his unique and amazing new band Oliwa & His Pleasure Circus. Santa Barbara’s own Rainbow Girls take stage in the early evening and then you can top off the first day and surrender yourself to battle the realms of consciousness with the bass-heavy dubstep of Liberation Movement.

Saturday brings in a monster line-up to fuel the beautiful velocity of Lucidity! We’ve got the deep American folk sound of The McCoy Tyler Band, followed by heartfelt acoustics of Santa Barbara native Trevor Borden. Shovelman will take stage along with his guitar (made out of a shovel!). Talk about aligning with principles of reduce, reuse, recycle! Transcend space and time and get in touch with your multidimensional self as you connect to the universe with Black Hole Oscillators. Omar Valesco is not to be missed with his sultry voice, sweet lyrics and acoustic guitar, while Shane Alexander who is just as amazing follows Poor Man’s Poison (winners of the Texaco Country Showdown ) is sure to give y’all some soul-rocking country stomping good times.  He’s My Brother, She’s My Sister never fails to astound a crowd and finally dance with Tropo into the night!

Above: RoadKill Ghost Choir

We would also like to welcome our latest additions to the schedule with Qui & Roadkill Ghost Choir on Saturdays program! Devin True the stage booking coordinator says “Qui is the hidden gem of the festival with music that touches on everything from jazz to classic rock, to an indie rock fusion of experimentation and amazing vocal harmonies.” Roadkill Ghost Choir is set to tour with Band of Horses, these guys bring us a mix of bluegrass/rock with image driven songwriting that you can’t do without.

Sunday the music continues to move us all into vivacious well being. Alive Stage welcomes the electro dance beats of Marcutio, make sure to join Boostive for dub-hop and get some soulful electronic with Vokab Kompany. Bastik Legion is going to awaken the mind with dynamic sub-phonic frequencies. Zion I is sure to deliver an amazing show and later we can all take a downtempo electro-driven ride with Traveler, which wraps up the Live Music of the festival.

We can’t wait to see you all out there! If you’re like me, you know there’s nothing like the feeling you get from live music. Feel it in your heart, feel it in your bones! Get Lucid. Stay Lucid. See you at Alive Stage!





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