Connecting Through Contribution

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How can you offer yourself to those around you?

My first introduction to a conscious community was in 2011 at Burning Man. I was brought into ‘the new world’ by an amazing soul who shifted my reality, and I was surrounded by absolutely magical humans with open eyes and open arms.

My heart and mind had expanded in ways that I had no idea were possible. Those first seven days of my festival-like experience were a constant surrender to receiving.

Receiving love, receiving nourishment through food and art, receiving gifts, receiving acceptance, and in this receiving was profound healing. I had not been much of a receiver throughout my life, and the unwavering current of unconditional loving generosity was overwhelming at times.

As I spread my festival wings, I found my way to places like LIB the following year, and then Lucidity shortly thereafter.

I would walk from camp to camp finding an array of offerings that I could dip in and out of. Sound baths, ecstatic dance, tea, artwork, bodywork, yoga, cacao, the possibilities were endless and each their own little paradise.

Photo by Amir Weiss

Lucidity had a more intimate feel that sparked something new in me.

I was beginning to yearn for a more integrated experience. I wanted to bring this transformation that I experienced into my everyday life and into the world, and I was not quite sure how to go about it.

That was the same year that Lucidity began their first Lucidity CourseWeek programs and I decided to join their Permaculture Course. The course material itself was brilliant. However, what I found to be the most transformative was the deep bond built in this setting of education and working together.

The vulnerability of learning something new and the commitment to create change, both in the world and within ourselves. This was exactly where I was meant to be.

Post CourseWeek, we went right into the festival and it was a completely new Lucidity for me. I had family there now in a way that I had never had before. I had invested time and love into community and the festival itself, and I felt a whole new level of fulfillment.

Photo by Nikki Anderson

The receiving had been beautiful, but holy moly had I been missing out on the service part!

The connections that I made through contribution were long lasting deep relationships that I have carried with me for years and many more to come.

I used to think volunteering at festivals was a sacrifice, and now I crave contribution in any interactive setting. Not only did I love having purpose, but I found that these were my people. Those who wanted to build and create and share, they were often the ones who were facilitating the events. The dreamers were making their dreams a reality for us to interact with.

Balance is always key. Receiving has its place and if you have yet to give a little in your festival life, I highly encourage it!

How can you embody your most magical self and share it with the world?

Even better, how can you be of service in a way that fills your cup and replenishes you during the process?

Get ready for some deep connections when you do. The Lucid Universe awaits you. Tickets here!

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