Empty Your Cup and Receive the Infinite

Photo by Parker Garland / Down To Festival

Here we go! Another year into Lucidity and the excitement is building. Can you feel it?  

I’m kind of bursting at the seams to be honest. This can also be the moment when our expectations begin to form from all of the previous years of magic.

Memories of that incredible Pumpkin tribute at sunset, covered in paint with all of your new friends.

That amazing tea ceremony when all of your soul family decided to show up in one tent unannounced.

The Acro class when you found the partner of your dreams and flowed for hours until it was cold and time for a costume change.

The nostalgia is sweet. It is also a gentle reminder for us to go and EMPTY OUR CUPS. Even better…show up with a giant gaping hole in the bottom of your bucket and just let it all flow through.

When we let go of our expectations, we also let go of our own limitations. This is where the magic can surface.

Photo by Parker Garland / Down To Festival

How often do we sign up for a new workshop or read another book on our favorite subject, and find our internal dialogue interrupting all the brilliant goodness with contrasting ideas and expectations from previous experiences?

Letting our mental filters run on auto-pilot can feel safe and give us a sense of control. However, we have other filters that often go untapped.

Our physical and energetic bodies can be amazing filters, as well as the filter of the subconscious. These hold a great deal of wisdom, if you have yet to familiarize yourself with them.

Okay so what exactly does it mean to empty your cup?

It means letting go of the knowledge you already have, so that you can show up fully open and ready to receive. Allowing yourself to completely immerse yourself in the experience through new eyes and open arms.

It also means, trusting your body and mind to know when something resonates with you, and when it does not. Just as you are allowing information and energy to flow in, you can allow it to flow right out.

Photo by Kris Kish / The Sights & Sounds

Does that feel a little naked to you? Both fun and a little bit vulnerable? I feel you.

Choosing a safe space to receive openly is a valuable first step (ahem..Lucidity Festival has some solid vibes). Also setting your own intentions and protection are powerful practices to support you no matter where you are.

Let’s dive deeper into those for optimal ‘receiving vibes’ in any situation.

*Setting Your Intentions*

Before settling into a new space of learning or receiving (i.e. pre epic knowledge drop), center yourself. Ground your feet and set the intention for your body, mind, and soul, to pick up exactly what it is meant to, and release anything that it is not.

Rather than asking yourself, “Is this the right decision?”, try asking “How does this feel in my body?” If your body gives you the go ahead, woohoo!

You’re ready to bring in back up to ensure your best possible experience. Which brings us to our next step.  

Photo by Parker Garland / Down To Festival

*Protecting Your Lovely Energy*

Don’t get me wrong. I absolutely and unconditionally love all my brothers and sisters at Lucidity. However, that does not always mean that our vibes are flowing together in perfect harmony in every moment.

We are sensitive creatures and each hold our own beautifully unique fields. Consider the following visualization to hold your space and still give all the hugs and lay in all of the cuddle puddles.

Imagine a vibrant golden light surrounding you, even slightly beyond your physical body. Set the intention that this golden light is the perfect filter, holding your personal space and field. It only allows in and out, that which is in your highest good for yourself and those around you.

(A tip for those feeling a bit silly setting their magical light protection. Set it like you mean it. Humor your inner witches and warlocks and commit to what you’re casting. Your mental word wands are strong!)  

Okay, It is time!

You are READY to RECEIVE infinitely my sweet souls.

You have a safe space to let go in.

You have an intent to receive in your own unique perfection. And you are energetically filtered and ready to roll. Go test it out. Empty your cups.

Immerse yourself in the magic of wherever your heart takes you, and let the mind take a back seat for a while.

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