Freedom, Limitations, and…Law Enforcement?

Photo by Eric Allen

Freedom! That cathartic experience we look for when we head off to a festival.

Absolute freedom.

To dress how we want, be who we want, do what we want, without judgment or limitations. Just as a child who has never experienced fire before will likely burn their own hand by not knowing new limitations, most adults (children who got bigger) have experienced quite a prison of self judgment in our upbringings.

Likewise, this can often lend to a lack of knowing our own healthy edge when diving into this freedom, and as a result getting ‘burned’. I am sure many of us have witnessed and possibly experienced this first hand at a festival.

Not only might we not know our own healthy boundaries, but others may not have the same boundaries or best interests for us either. This is why community and support can be powerful and healing.

Sometimes that support includes law enforcement…

Who’s primary intention at Lucidity is keeping an eye out for our safety and best interests. And honestly…these guys must sign up for this gig because, let’s be real…they’re in it for the fun!

I mean, look at these happy campers!
Photo by Marisa Pfenning

Here’s the thing – we don’t necessarily want law enforcement to have to step in! Having them around is a helpful reminder to check our own boundaries before we have surpassed healthy limitations for ourselves or those around us.

The more that we take accountability for our own actions and wellbeing, the longer these guys can hang out on the Dusty Barrel see-saw to their hearts delight! Which is pretty darn cute.

Want a tip on gracefully finding your limits without running into them at high speed?

If we are stepping into a completely new experience, we are likely to have no idea what our limitations are. This means if we want to learn those limitations without having to fall on our faces first, our best bet is to ease into new things slowly.

Test the waters and take our time becoming acquainted with our new surroundings! Nobody else can do this for us. They can only come in as damage control later, which just might be ideal.

Be wise. Check in with yourselves. Check in with your friends! And when you see law enforcement, send them a BIG SMILE! And perhaps even a thank you for keeping a look out for the safety of our family.

Photo by Arian Mahboubian

Everybody loves, and we are here in practice of being the change we want to see, right? Let’s make our uniformed buddies feel at home and be wise in our choices as we dance into freedom together.

See you in Lucidity.

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