Integrating Worlds: A Home Away From Home

Photo by Marisa Pfenning

When many of us are first introduced to festivals, we see through whichever lens our initial guides have chosen to show us through.

For me, it was sleep all day and wander all night. Aside from late afternoon breakfasts and bathroom trips, I was unaware that there was a thriving day portion of the festival.

The night life was its own twinkling cuddly universe! Meanwhile I was missing the days full of play and educational talks.

It was Lucidity Festival in particular which illuminated the full spectrum of a festival and how I could integrate it back in with my world.  

My gateway to integration was attending Lucidity’s first permaculture workshop. The early entrance into the weekend event was a large contribution to my new lens.

Photo by @FishMakesPhotos

Waking up naturally with the sun to the sounds of birds in the trees.

The gentle hums and clanks of neighboring creators finishing their final touches on their art was sweetly inspiring.

Lucid University became a new home, which previously I had never even known existed. The true world change that was trickling through this magical place was powerfully evident.

As the sun went down I would find myself longing for another lecture on mycelium, conscious communication, or composting, even though my brain was completely tapped out with new information.

Through the nights I felt a little lost. I had no deep calling to bounce around with friends and shed skins. I just wanted to absorb knowledge. Absorb change.

I had not yet understood how to integration would fit into my worlds. The day world of a festival, and the night world. And beyond that, the festival world and the “default” world.

Photo by Amandala Photography

What I understood over time was that these practices are interwoven. Once we practice integration within the festival itself, we begin to naturally blend our external reality with our weekend “escape.”

We can see the importance of both magical intellectual teachings, and also in dancing alone wildly through the trees and letting go of everything.

We learn to allow creation to move through us, and when to become the active manifestors of our reality.

We can begin to see how unconditional acceptance, uninhibited self expression, and connection can truly change the world as a radical act of service.

The more that I connected with the facilitators and teachers, the clearer it became that they were sharing the fruits of their labors of their entire lifetimes.

Photo by @FishMakesPhotos

They were living this knowledge, growing it every single day, and bringing it back to the community.

There was no “festival” lifestyle any differently than their daily lifestyle. They were fully integrated.

I found there to be a universal trait among them, which was their balanced diversity of character, which Lucidity has historically expressed through it’s archetypes or themes.

These facilitators moved with a sense of play as the TRICKSTER would, allowing them the freedom that fun and curiosity both cultivate, in their daily experience. They all chose to meet the world as their LOVER, both giving and receiving in adoration.

Each had a FAMILY oriented perception of humanity, inspiring them beyond their own personal willpower and limitations. A respect and acknowledgment for being a HEALER; understanding that when they healed themselves, they were healing the entire world.

Photo by Daniel Lucia

A NOMADIC undertone of seasonal living, coexisting with their natural environment, and taking only what is needed with awareness of the cycles. A WARRIOR mentality, reminding them that the path may not always unfold smoothly for them and knowing when to push.

All of these traits come together to create a deeply fulfilling expression of an intentional, powerful, inspirational life. 

Each year I used to get “homesick” around Fall for the following year of Lucidity Festival. Now, when that longing shows itself, I feel a quiet fiery inspiration.

A reminder from all of the community asking me, “What are you cultivating to share with us?

What are you sharing with the world?”

Set your vision inward and onward. Harness all of the potent creative energy and unconditional love that we create every year. Look within and observe which archetypes could use some more encouragement and which are in full activation mode.

When all of those characters are in alignment and fully embodied within us, our existence will be an overflowing offering to humanity, and our paths will become clear.

Integration of worlds means never waiting for one to end or to begin. It is all right here at our fingertips, just waiting to be seen, felt, and created within.

What will you do with it right now? What will you cultivate and share with your Lucidity family in 2020?

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