Reflect Upon The Official Moon’s Eye View Trailer and Awaken a New Story

Are you ready to wake up? This year’s official trailer prompts us to take a reflective approach with the way we experience life.

Although duality exists naturally, nothing is inherently good, nor bad. As we dive into this new chapter, Moon’s Eye View, we begin to explore the concepts of layers. This stage in the storyline will help us realize the infinite realm of possibility.

It implies stepping out of individual perception to find new understandings of self and surroundings. This year’s theme is about seeing the world in a different light. Like that of the moon. It reminds us of the natural waves of physical and non-physical reality, like the ebb and flow of the moon affecting the tides. Or the balancing of masculine and feminine energies.

If you’ve been with the Lucidity journey from the beginning, you already know that each year holds new mysteries waiting to be discovered. The official narrative paints a picture of the awakening process.

Photo by Marisa Pfenning

From the start we are waking up in a dream.

Then, discovering the dreamstate itself. As it continues, we explore many facets of existence. An evolution of discovery. Pearls of wisdom around every corner as the chapters unravel a story throughout the years. Lucidity Festival is like a guide, reflecting our personal unique journey of self discovery and uncovering truths.

After being awarded at the 2018 FestX Awards as the World’s Best Family Friendly Festival, it’s even more compelling to take a closer look at what’s going on.

Or perhaps, a new look. Lucidity is obviously more than your average music festival, and much more than just an annual celebration. Within the realms of the festival grounds, you’ll find a holistic representation of the elements.

Let’s look at the Earth Realm for a moment, home to the I AM Family Garden. This space is designated for family camps only, so if you’re not bringing little ones, plan on finding a different spot to pitch your tent!

Committed to making a safe and impactful experience for kids too, Lucidity Festival offers a special selection of workshops and entertainment for families and kids specifically. With everything being done to unify the community through the educational and artistic components, the family garden just adds to this sense of inclusion.

Photo by Curious Josh

It helps to remind those without kids to celebrate more responsibly, and encourages us to look out for each other with deeper levels of understanding and care.

What compels you to look at the bigger picture? To step into a reflective perspective and see new angles with deeper amounts of understanding? This year is not just about encouraging each other to open our minds, it also provides opportunities for us to fully unite, integrate and hold each other accountable in harmony as we step into this new paradigm.

Awaken to Lucidity Festival Moon’s Eye View.

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