Astrological Symbolism of Moon’s Eye View

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We may not make waves on our own but we sway with the same force of moons.

According to astrology, the moon represents your emotions. In many spiritual traditions, the moon is connected with the water element, which is fluid like the emotions. The zodiac sign your moon was placed during your birth will affect your emotional tendencies.

In Vedic astrology, the moon symbolizes the mind; not just the emotions, but also the thoughts, desires, dreams, subconscious and unconscious mind. The moon is always changing. Waxing and waning, it is never quite the same from moment to moment.

Likewise, the mind is always fluxing through thoughts, emotions, fantasies, and experiences. The placement of the moon in a Vedic astrology birth chart is actually considered more important than the placement of the sun.

The sun in Vedic astrology represents pure consciousness, or the absolute illuminating force behind the universe. The moon’s light comes from the sun’s illuminating force.

What that means is that the mind is merely a reflection of the brilliant light of absolute consciousness. However, because the mind is ever changing, the pure consciousness gets obscured by the waxing and waning of the emotions, thoughts, and tendencies.

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The Moon’s Influence

The moon’s gravitational energy pushes and pulls the tides. The earth is 70% water, and the moon’s gravity is able to pull entire oceans to make the tides shift.

If our human body is made of 60% water, it would be foolish (dare I say!) to think that the moon doesn’t affect us as well. This is why during a full moon, people’s most vibrant (and sometimes crazy) energy comes to the surface.

Your personal journey, your karma, the tendencies of your mind and emotions, are all affected by the moon. Therefore, astrology can help guide you through different cycles of the moon. Learning about different moon phases, as they appear in your birth chart as well as day to day, can give valuable wisdom about how to overcome obstacles and harness the moon’s powerful influence.

At the end of the day, it is up to you how you use the mind. For that reason, the mind is seen as both a blessing and an obstacle in Vedic Astrology. It’s a powerful tool that can ultimately aid you on the journey to either your enlightenment or your suffering.

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Moon Phases at Lucidity 2019

Let’s take a look at the astrological conditions for Lucidity Festival 2019. On Friday April 12th, the first day of the festival, it is a first quarter moon. That means that the moon will be half illuminated. As the festival progresses, the moon is waxing gibbous, meaning it is moving towards a full moon.

In Western astrology, the first quarter moon represents an adjustment period. It is a time to be ready for action, decision and deliberation. It’s a time for making changes, shedding old patterns, and establishing new, better ones. It’s a time to begin building.

A waxing gibbous is a time to evaluate and process information from the outside world. It is a time to synthesize your aims moving forward as well as making plans and initiating collaborations with people in your immediate environment. It’s a time for adjustment and making practical strategies to manifest your visions.

In Vedic astrology, a waxing moon is considered a good time for expansion and new beginnings. It is the time to start new projects, put your energy into the world, and cultivate your confident and extroverted tendencies. A waning moon would be the opposite, a time for internal reflection.

According to the moon’s position in both Vedic and Western Astrology, the first quarter moon will be a perfect circumstance for a transformative experience at a festival. It’s the right type of astrological conditions for meeting new people, starting new relationships and endeavors, and expressing and manifesting your beautiful energy into the world.

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Moon Signs at Lucidity 2019

It is interesting to note that the moon’s sign as it passes through the sky indicates similar things in both Vedic and Western astrology. We will break it down through the lenses of both disciplines below.

Now that we’ve covered the moon’s phase, let’s examine the position of the moon in the cosmos. The moon moves into Cancer starting Thursday, April 11th. It will move through Cancer until Saturday, April 13th where it moves into Leo at 7:50 AM and remains there until Monday.

The moon in Cancer is a favorable time to attend to personal needs and endeavors in the home. It is a time for intimacy, compassion, but may also bring emotional sensitivity. It’s a time to look out for insecurities, defensiveness, and codependency.

As the moon moves through Cancer, take time to take personal inventory – both within yourself and of all the items you will need at Lucidity. Make sure your home affairs are in order, and make sure you have enough for yourself and to share on your journey.

Nurture yourself as you prepare for the intense festival experience…it would be advisable to take it easy on Friday, April 12th. Be gentle with yourself, but also take the time to recite positive affirmations in your mind. Repeat to yourself, “I am healthy, happy, strong, and ready for whatever comes!”.

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As the moon moves into Leo, the energy shifts into a passionate, creative and celebratory nature. Moon in Leo is a time for play, fun, indulgence, and eagerness to share your creativity and ambitions.

This energy fits perfectly with the waxing gibbous moon; it will set the tone as you embark on new endeavors. Share your passions, celebrate and collaborate with others, and make plans that you will stick to.

Express yourself, but be careful to not let the ego take over. Avoid self-centeredness, selfishness, or enjoyment at the expense of others.

The divine wisdom of astrology shows us to first cultivate compassion, which will keep your passion positive and uplifting.

Nurture yourself and others and build resilience before making plans for the future. Find the balance between having confidence and leaving room for others to shine. The key word is interdependence.

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Self-Care is Key

The moon is the fastest moving planet in astrology. This shows just how quickly the mind and emotions can shift, for better or worse. The lessons we can learn from the moon are to observe and accept changes, but also work towards inner peace.

Actively working to slow the mind through proper relaxation, meditation, yoga, tai chi and the like is one way to balance the emotions. From a place of inner stillness we can become detached to the mind’s constant fluctuation.

Taking time to cultivate peace of mind is important for resilience. As you undertake new adventures this year, remember to always designate time for self care and rest. Even though the moon will be in a favorable position for outward expression during Lucidity, don’t forget to tend to your inner landscape!


Moon’s Eye View Narrative

To wrap it all up, let’s take a look at the astrological perspective on the narrative of Moon’s Eye View. Here’s this year’s addition to the Lucidity saga:

From Moon’s unique vantage point, she sees all that transpires on our pale blue dot — all our joys and all our pain, all of our creating and all of our destruction. She insists that we must be willing to fearlessly journey into the great unknown if we wish to share such an expanded perspective!


Let Lucidity be a time for you to allow intuition to guide you on your life’s work, your projects, and your dreams.

Let it be a catalyst for making decisions that will serve you and others as we embark on this journey together on spaceship Earth.

Allow yourself to clearly see and cast off what you know doesn’t serve you anymore. Bring the utmost positivity in your interactions with others. From a higher vantage point, decide what steps you take forward and begin moving in that direction.

May you venture fearlessly into the unknown. May all of your thoughts, words, and deeds be for the liberation and benefit of all living entities. May the Moon’s Eye View empower you to manifest peace, love, and positivity into the world.

See you in the unknown

See you at Lucidity

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