Super Blood Wolf Moon Lunar Eclipse: What You Need to Know!

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Coming up on Sunday January 20th, 2018 is the Super Blood Wolf Moon, a lunar eclipse that will make the moon turn a dark orange-red in the sky.

Many people view this spectacle in awe, however, from an astrological standpoint, this cosmic event sends us clear messages.

We’ll get to what it means, but what exactly is this celestial phenomenon?

To start, a total lunar eclipse, which is a fairly common event. On top of that, Sunday’s eclipse will be a “Super Moon.” This means the moon will appear larger than usual because it is at the closest point to earth during its orbit. A less common occurrence.

At the same time we have a “Blood Moon” and that’s where the reddish tint comes from. Lastly, we will be howling into a full moon. Hence the name Super Blood Wolf Moon.

What cosmic tales are told to us during such an event?

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It is a time when light is being stolen from either the sun or the moon. Light is a symbol of knowledge, positivity, and enlightenment. When that light is skewed by eclipses, that inner light within us can become distorted and unclear.

In Vedic astrology, any form of eclipse is a sign of darkness.

Eclipses are also associated with the hindu demons Rahu and Ketu. Rahu and Ketu are also considered invisible planets in the sky, which block out the light of wisdom during eclipse events. For these reasons, it is advised to turn inward during this time, avoiding too much external activity.

Vedic astrologers recommend to not look at eclipses, and to actually cover your body if you to go outside to protect yourself from the dark energy. On the positive side, a Blood Moon is a good time to focus your energy inward. It’s a time favorable for meditation, chanting, mantras, and prayer.

If you don’t have a personal spiritual practice, but still believe in astrology, the best thing you can do is stay inside and practice positive thinking and simple living.

Repeat positive affirmations to yourself, eat healthy and light food, keep yourself and your environment clean and clutter free, and avoid overindulgence of the senses.

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Hold your ground.

The days preceding and after eclipses are definitely NOT good times to start any new project or end any endeavor. There are countless stories of people who do just that and end up stumbling across some bad joo-joo.

Eclipses were feared by ancient indigenous peoples because of their ominous energy.

They often happen in accordance with natural disasters and political turmoil as well.

The best thing you can do is be prepared and keep yourself positive and aware during, before and after this full blood moon. 

Fear not the forthcoming of this cosmic Super Blood Wolf Moon. It is simply a time to be mindful of that which is happening in our world. Take caution, take care, be well.

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