Unfolding of The Great Synthesis

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Since its inception, Lucidity Festival has curated its own universe based on an open-source mythos that draws inspiration from the community.

Each year, participants are able to submit their additions to the Lucidity story arc, which can include new stories, characters, video, images, and music. This open source approach to festival creation is a special aspect of west-coast festival culture in general, as well as a creative methodology that largely stems from Burning Man.

The festival has also launched a Lucid Multiverse project, which releases visual experiences as NFTs that turn the narrative into an interactive scavenger hunt. This deep, meaningful, and inventive approach to create a memorable experience makes “Lucidity Festival more than just a festival. It’s also an immersive story that features YOU!”

Clown-nosed man holding upside down pamphlet titled: Hippie Watching.
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The Lucidity narrative is more than just a fantasy or a fairy tale though. It is a multi-year synthesis unfolding before us.

Throughout history, stories have always held powerful lessons across generations, and the same holds true for the Lucidity story arc. Many of the themes in the Lucidity story arc contain metaphors that reflect real-world challenges that each of us will have to face at some point.

Past year’s themes have included the festival’s debut with “Awake in your Dreams,” which sparked a journey of infinite potential, self-discovery, and manifestation. Another year’s theme was “Kindred Quest,” which was all about interweaving connections within our communities.

“Moon’s Eye View” in 2019 called us to take a step back, pause, and reflect on our experiences. It was no coincidence that COVID-19 hit the very same year, forcing Lucidity to postpone for the next two years and giving much-needed pause and rest to the sacred land at Lucidity’s home, Live Oak Campground.

After two years of introspection, the time to spring forward into action landed upon us in 2021 as the gates to Lucidity reopened. Last year’s story focused on healing ourselves, our communities, and our planet through the theme of “Regeneration Earth.”

Tree being planted. A woman on the right with dirty on her knees. She is wearing gardening gloves. On her left the lower half an individual raking the mulch.
Photo by Alexandra Perry

This year’s theme is “The Great Synthesis,” which focuses on applying everything learned from previous years.

It is about synthesizing, integrating, and embodying everything from the last 10 years of the Lucidity journey into informed, balanced action.

The Great Synthesis, our 10th chapter of the Lucid Saga, marks the beginning of a new trilogy. As such, dreamers will notice the convergence of songlines from the past. Our totem animals from our first six years return along with the villages they stood watch over, and will be integrated into the elemental realms of the last 3 chapters.

Just as Earth spirals through the seemingly infinite chasms of space-time, so, too, does the collective consciousness of the dreamers of the Lucid Multiverse spiral upwards and outwards into greater octaves of unity and expansiveness.

All the information, skills, experience, and challenges of the last 10 years are ready to be stirred into the cauldron of integration. The wound becomes the source of healing. The enemy becomes our most profound teacher.

Our most expansive experiences of joy and bliss develop our container and capacity to hold equally greater depths of grief and sorrow. Our actions that come from this place are more informed, more balanced, and are mindful of their rippling impact.

Woman's hand resting upon a "Wishing Portal" surrounded by floral arrangement.
Photo by Parker Garland

As we step into The Great Synthesis, we embrace the intention to touch, to taste, to feel, to know Universal Consciousness. Nowhere left to go. No One left to Be. Nothing left to do, but share in the sweetness of fellowship beneath Live Oak trees.

Learn more about the Lucidity Narrative.

There is much more to the Lucidity story, such as the main character, Luci, as well as five elemental avatars that teach us about ancient energies and archetypes within each of us. The Lucidity story arc is designed as a set of trilogies that span across 12 years, each with their own unique overarching themes. 

The Great Synthesis is a perfect theme to start off Lucidity Festival’s fourth (and perhaps final) trilogy. The lesson of integrating what we’ve learned in the past directly relates to the many educational offerings each year at the festival.

Lucid University is the educational branch at the center of Lucidity Festival. It has pushed the bar on transformative, experiential, and experimental learning at festivals through week-long pre-festival intensives, hands-on regenerative action days, and hundreds of workshops across five elemental altars throughout the festival. These Elemental Altars host workshops across many themes such as ecology, community, innovation, movement, and art.

Photo by Julia Muse

Lucidity and Lucid University have both served as a hub of change, training people to make a difference in the world. Now is the time for the community to step into their responsibility as caretakers and stewards of Mother Earth and her communities.

Now is the time to share and spread the impactful, healing, and life-changing lessons we learned from each other, and learned from the various renowned teachers, organizers, and activists that share their wisdom at Lucidity each year. Now is the time to integrate what we’ve learned into our life, to practice what we preach, and to tie it all together in cooperation, in unity, and in collective consciousness.

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