Where to Camp at Lucidity 2022

Lucidity street signs. Electric Ave and Unicorn Ave.
Photo by Gabe Ruiz

A clutch camping spot can make all the difference in planning your festival weekend. Where will YOU camp?

Not all camping spots are the same, and each person prefers a little bit different set up and camping vibe. Refer to this guide below for some advice on where to camp at Lucidity Festival: Regeneration Earth.

Shade and Climate

The entire festival ground is full of trees, so it’s not hard to find shade while camping at Lucidity. There aren’t many camp spots in the full sun. You’ll prefer it this way, seeing that trees create their own microclimates that keep you cooler during the day and warmer at night.

Typical weather patterns in Santa Barbara in early April are low 70s during the day and low 50s at night. April is also typically a dry month in Santa Barbara, but on average it rains a total of 3 days, so be prepared with rain gear and tarps just in case!

Large camp shade structure / tent flattened out. Preparing to set up shop! Two women laying belly down and feet kicked up smiling.
Photo by Aline Kras

Elemental Realms

The Lucidity festival grounds consist of 5 interwoven elemental zones. Spirit is where the main stage, art gallery, Mindful Feeding Kitchen, and most of the food and merch vendors are located. There isn’t much in the way of camping in the Spirit Realm, but if you want to be close to the action, you can camp nearby along adjacent roads such as Dream Drive, Lovers Lane, Reiki Rd, or Sacred Union.

Earth Realm contains the Family Garden camping area and RV Camping, so you will need an RV or Family camping pass to set up here. Nestled between Earth and Spirit is Lucid University, and camping around here is usually reserved for staff and early arrivers.

Air Realm also has camping, however parts of the terrain are uneven here, and there is a hill you will need to walk up to get to the other realms. Air Realm would be a good spot for hammock camping, however, as there are plenty of trees close together, which may be a little harder to find on the rest of the site. 

In 2019, I noticed that Fire Realm was particularly bustling with excitement. There were theme camps here between Fire and Air Realms, which sometimes had their own music, and the crowd was lively in the area surrounding the Dusty Barrel stage. 

Camping up in the trees. Secluded. Two men cheers'ing upon camp chairs.
Photo by Fish Makes Photos

Stages and Noise Levels

Do you like it quiet or buzzing with activity where you camp? This is a vital question before you decide where to camp. Refer to the Lucidity 2022 map to see where the stages are and plan accordingly.

In general, the far corner of the Water Realm is probably the quietest spot, near the “I Am Healing” sanctuary and along Lucid Lane. This will also mean a further walk to the stages, although the Lucidity site isn’t enormous so you probably won’t have to walk longer than 5-10 minutes to any given stage.

Family camping in the Earth Realm is also more quiet, and you will need to have a family pass to camp here. Something to also keep in mind is that camping near central roads like Lucid Lane, Dream Drive, Breeze Way, or Nomadic Way, will mean you hear more people passing by.

If you want more seclusion, try walking into the woodland and a bit farther from the roads. Camping near The Nook, or Pneumatic Nook stage in the Air Realm will probably keep you up all night. Though noise levels do suppress after certain late night hours.

*for extra quiet camping you might consider Quiet Stargazer Camping up in the meadows above the festival alongside Black Rock Observatory*

Woman holding up Mapdana. Tongue sticking out with smiley face sticker stuck to her third eye.
Photo by Marisa Pfenning

Types of Camping Passes

All Lucidity Festival ticket types include GA camping, which means you can camp in designated camping areas at Water, Fire, and Air Realms. If you want to camp next to your car, you will need a car camping pass. If you have a GA pass, you will need to park in the upper parking lot and bring your camping gear in by shuttle. For shuttle hours and more Parking and Camping information, see our FAQ page!

Now you are a little more prepared to camp at Lucidity and have the best time while doing it.

To make the experience flow smoothly, bring only what you need, but be prepared. Remember, the land is shared with the native inhabitants of the ecosystem; pack out everything you pack in (including all trash) and leave it better than how you found it.

You also share the campground with your neighbors, so be mindful of how much physical space you take up and how much noise you make. Come with an open mind and an open heart. Make friends with your neighbors. Allow yourself to immerse in the joy of the Lucidity camping experience! 

8 thoughts on “Where to Camp at Lucidity 2022

  1. Hi!
    I am looking at coming for Saturday and Sunday walk in camping. How far will I have to walk from the parking lot to find a site to camp? Is walk in camping designated on one area or multiple areas?

    1. Hi Katrina, Parking is not far from the camping areas, just up or down a hill. But you won’t need to worry about walking, because we have an amazing free shuttle that will pick up you & your gear in the parking lots and drop you off at several stops in the campgrounds. Camping areas are intermixed so there is not a specific designated area for walk in vs car camping, wherever you can find space you can set up (unless marked otherwise).

  2. Hi this is so great I didn’t know we could choose our own spot. I’m coming Wednesday for RAD with family, how do I get the family camping pass? Already have car camping.

    1. No, there are no more Car Camping passes available, so all cars without them will need to get a Parking Pass and park in one of our lots. You can then catch a free shuttle with all your camping gear to ride into the campgrounds.

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