Where to Camp at Lucidity 2023

"Lucidity" sign at front of festival grounds.
Photo by James Lester

Finding the right spot to camp can make all the difference in planning your festival experience.

There are many options when it comes to camping at Lucidity, and it can feel like a lot to navigate. Worry not, as this definitive guide will clearly outline each option, as well as offer some advice on where to camp based on your unique needs.

Where to Camp

You may still be wondering, where can I camp if I just have a regular 3 day event pass? Here is a breakdown of the walk-in camping areas at Lucidity. 

Camping in the Main Venue

ADA Camp Cozy and Camp ASL Love

These camping areas were created for the purpose of increasing accessibility at Lucidity. If you are planning on attending Lucidity and have concerns about your camping or parking in regards to ADA needs, please email fa************@lu**************.com and we’ll work with you to be comfortable.

If you are requiring services beyond what a regular campground can offer, please be sure to communicate your needs well in advance of the event as it might not be possible to accommodate all needs once the event has started.

Campers making the trek into the festival grounds with wheeled cart and big smiles.


Warriors camping is located closest to the entrance road into the main venue of Lucidity, as well as underneath and surrounding Family camping. The warriors camping area is the only area within the venue that is solely dedicated to camping; it does not contain any stages or workshop areas. This is also the closest camping area to the Medical Support tent.


The family camping area and Family Garden has moved locations from previous years. In previous years, it was located behind the RV Coral. This year, it will be located next to the Imaginarium Stage. This area is reserved for families with children under the age of 18. You will need the separate family car camping pass if you wish to bring your vehicle into this camping area.


This camping area is located next to family camping. Movement Lab (which will host the Ecstatic Dances, Yoga and movement workshops), Alive stage, and Groove Grove will be located within this area. This area is somewhat more lively, and you will be next to live music throughout the evening. Walk-in campers and car campers will be allowed to camp here.

Movement Lab at a full capacity with many participants lounged about at attention.
Photo by Eric Allen


Trixters camping is located at the core of the festival, as well as the edges near the Nook stage. Several workshop areas are located within this area, as well as the Deja Vu portal, Pyrobar, Summit, and several other art installations and interactive areas. This area is also more lively, and will have live music all night. Walk-in campers and car campers will be allowed to camp here. Walk-in campers and car campers will be allowed to camp here.


The healers camping area contains the RV camping corral as well as limited woods camping at the edges of the map. This area generally does not have any late night amplified music within it, and contains the healing area, community camp fire, Hive 5 and Frick Frack Black Jack. Walk-in campers and car campers will be allowed to camp here.

Camping on the Hill


The Lovers camping area is located up the hill form the main venue, just past star-gazing and is a 10-15 minute hike from the Lucid Stage. This area is for walk-in campers.


The Nomads camping area is also located up the hill from the main camping area, but is further from the foot path than the Lovers and Star Gazer’s camping areas. 


This area is up the hill form the main camping area, and is about a 10 minute hike from the Lucid Stage. This is the only camping area aside from the RV Corale that Walk-in Campers (people with solely a 3-day festival ticket) are not allowed to set up their camp. It is reserved for car campers with the Quiet Stargazing – Car Camping pass.

Star-Gazing, Lovers and Nomads areas are much more quiet at night, since they are far from all of the stages. These areas are also closer to nature, and you will be able to gaze at the beautiful, open night sky. 

The word "Love" laying in front of the Intention Tree with sun shining through.

Walk-in campers will be overflowed to Nomads and Lovers camping areas, so if you wish to get a good spot in Family, Warriors, Dreamers, Trixters, or Healers, you may want to purchase an early arrival pass.

Camping Considerations

Most camping in the main Venue (Family, ADA, ASL, Warriors, Trixters, Dreamers, Healers) contains large Oak trees, and is shaded or at least near shade. Camping on the hill (Nomads, Lovers, and Star Gazers) are mostly open and you will be exposed to full sun.

Jaw-dropping panoramic vistas can be enjoyed by camping in Nomad, Lovers, or Star-gazers up on the hill. Camping along the bottom-most road within Warriors or Dreamers areas (entitled Lucid Lane in previous years*) features an epic view of the mountain across the river and the river bed.

Weather in April in Santa Barbara is generally mild (50-70°F), but can vary greatly depending on the year. Historical extremes have been as high as 100s during the day, and as low as 30s at night. This year has been especially wet, so be prepared for wind, rain, and mud.

Bring plenty of rain gear, tarps, weights and tent stakes.

Last year, there was heat wave and the weather was up in the 100s, so bring lots of water, electrolytes, layers, rain gear, and be prepared for anything just in case!

Keep in mind that swimming in the river on site is illegal, because it feeds into a reservoir. This year, the rains have made the trickling stream into a deep raging torrent, making it dangerous or even potentially deadly to go near.

Remember, the land is shared with the native inhabitants of the ecosystem; pack out everything you pack in (including all trash) and leave it better than how you found it. Do not trample on any flora or fauna, and please park away from directly underneath trees in order to protect their fragile roots.

You also share the campground with your neighbors, so be mindful of how much physical space you take up and how much noise you make. A maximum of 10’ x 10’ for walk-in camping is allocated for each participant. Amplified sound is only allowed if approved beforehand.

Please do not place generators right next to neighbor’s tents, and be mindful of when you run them.  If you wish to camp with a group friends, you must all arrive together at the same time. 

Stoked squad in front of an art piece of a giant eye.
Photo by Eric Allen

The Lucidity website’s FAQ page has a ton of more tips for camping, including what to pack and prohibited items. We hope this guide was helpful, and may your Lucidity experience be full of magic and transformation! 

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