Decades of Thank You’s to Our Lucid Family

Lucid Landing Stage in full glow. Fully packed crowd. Oak trees blasted with lasers being projected through fog machine smoke.
Photo by Kris Kish x The Sights & Sounds

When community is born it has a beautiful way of forming into family.

I’ve been having a particularly difficult time parting ways with my old Lucidity wristbands this past week. Somehow one small tangible remnant has started to mean so much. Can anyone relate?

I already miss waking up next to all my friends. Unzipping the tent fly and poking my head out to say hello to the neighbors. Greeting the days with an unmatched openness that exists at Live Oak. And welcoming the nights as they carry us back to morning with gentle caress.

It’s only a wristband. You’ve just gone camping in the forest. Chill bro.

Ok, perhaps my wristband coping mechanism is a little bit too charged. But so what if I still have that piece of fabric by my bedside. I’m just not ready to let it go! It’s like a newborns blanky they just can’t sleep without…

"Welcome to Lucidity The Totem's Return" Entrance signage with stunning Live Oak backdrop. Trees, mountains, and greenery galore.
Photo by Curious Josh
Looking back over the years to Totem’s Return.

There is something that happens every year at Lucidity among the Oak trees.

A half expected yet always surprising whirlwind of connection. An amalgamation of talented individuals, participants, and spectral wanderers gracing one another with their own unique selves. I’ve returned to this festival year after year for a number of things. Some years I’m drawn by the music. Other times it’s the workshops or the yoga or the best meals I eat all year in the Mindful Feeding Kitchen.

What makes all of those things special however, is the people.

All I need is my Lucid Fam. Honestly, it’s that simple. What is your favorite thing about your favorite event? They’ve all got music, workshops, yoga, activities, etc. What sets them aside? For me, it always comes back to the people. To all of us.

Live Oak Campground is, and forever will be a deeply cherished location to us all. And as our home for many years it will remain a part of our soul as we grow into our new resting place at Lake San Antonio. You can take the Lucidity out of Live Oak, but you can’t take the Live Oak out of Lucidity. Nothing but gratitude to the land and the people who have contributed to this Lucid saga.

Group photo in front of a stage from many Lucidity's ago.
Photo by David Pricco
The early years of Lucidity.

Thank you doesn’t feel remotely close to what I want to say to you all.

It feels like a formality as I write it and tell you how much you mean to me, to us. Without those who attend the event there is no Lucidity. There is no resolve to be had in our discovery of self or each other.

And so, for lack of a better phrase. Thank you. Again and again. Thank you for returning to Live Oak and being an integral part of this odyssey we are on. Y’all are so flippin’ special to me. And I hope this at least begins to share with you how much I appreciate getting to share time and space with you. Here’s to rejoicing in Lake San Antonio.

Thank you for navigating your way here. Until next year Lucid Fam. Love you to bits. <3

A photo of me atop Gregg Fleishman's art overlooking Lucid Stage!
Photo by Kris Kish x The Sights & Sounds
Hey, that’s me! And I love YOU!

One thought on “Decades of Thank You’s to Our Lucid Family

  1. Definitely going to miss Live oak but looking at to reuniting with you all at the new location. Love you all 🤙🏽🌈🥰

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