Experience Lucidity in Immersive Virtual Reality

The evolution of the festival-going experience has come a long way from live stream quarantine viewing in our pajamas.

Our favorite artists performed sets upon the impossible backdrops of space and time thanks to green screens and in-computer overlays. Or just the simple laser light show in someone’s living room. We had the front row view of any concert we could have possibly imagined…but we just had that one vantage point.

What about the folks who like to dance in the back or watch from the sidelines? Not everyone is a front row warrior. We crave diversity and options. We want to explore!

Respect to those who are at the front gate of an 8hr open to close techno set. Holding your ground until the bitter end. That ain’t me. And that’s ok! Sometimes we just want to see what’s going on everywhere all at once.

Then came along the 360 degree, fully immersive virtual reality experience. Perhaps the answer to FOMO?

Black & white image of main stage. Big crowd. Hands up in the air. Lights are beaming across the image.
Photo by Kris Kish

What is Virtual Reality (VR) anyways?

Some of us may think that Skynet is taking over, others may be privy to the widespread takeover of all things requiring an Oculus, or VR headset.

In many cases, VR is a simulation. It isn’t real. It places the individual into an environment that is entirely created in a digital world. People may interact in these environments, which gives it the feeling of being real. At it’s core though, it is all virtual.

That’s one definition. However, we’ve come to know VR as something with less ‘fake’ and even more ‘real’ today. Essentially, we can take video footage (with 360 degree cameras) of an actual space, and allow viewers to step into the environment. No made up landscape. It’s the real deal in fact. The point here is this…

Lucidity in Virtual Reality is a thing folks! This is not a drill!

The snippets of Lucidity seen above are not fictional. This is Lucidity Festival. I’m not saying watch this video and skip buying the ticket, of course not. I’m saying THIS is what you show that friend who has no clue what to expect.

Unlike a standard sort of montage reel, the 360 VR lets you turn your head, so to speak.

  • At the top left of the video you’ll notice four arrows.
  • These can be clicked to look around
  • If you have a Virtual Reality headset that negates the need to click and you can quite literally turn your head to see the video images playing!
Two female fire hoop dancers spinning their props in front of colorful backdrop.
Photo by Brian Greenblatt

In case you needed that pre-Lucidity fix, well, here it is. Take a lap around Lucidity and start to feel the magic that Live Oak brings. It’s all there.

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