You’re Never Too Old For Recess

Every weekday at 10:15am, classrooms would empty into the schoolyard. Playgrounds, once desolate, were overthrown by our laughter and effervescent energy. We conquered the concrete fields with such vitality. It was thirty minutes of pure bliss: recess.

Come 10:45am, we returned to our respective studies. Foursquare courts turned to multiplication tables. Swing sets turned to sentence stems. And the once thriving playgrounds had succumb to barren stillness – aside from a few straggling kids huffing across the yard with unlaced shoes.

This was a necessary cycle, though. We’d sit through lessons, participate in activities, take a quiz, and so on. There was structure and it all came crashing down at the face of fun when recess hit.

Routine is positively positive, too. Don’t get me wrong. But I can’t recall handball breaks in the midst of nine-to-five day jobs.

What gives?! You’re never too old for recess. So why stop after grade school? Uhh, you don’t just stop needing it. They either stop giving it or we stop taking it.

Whenever you find yourself missing the brief daytime vacations of elementary school and frolicking about with friends, check yo’ self! Now this is no revolution to quit life and start applying for third grade all over again.

Let’s call this a reminder to step back and make time.

Recess is a time to LET YOUR WIGGLES OUT! Photo by Gaby Esensten

Recess is not always a thirty minute break. It is not necessarily a daily requirement. Your company does not sanction it. Instead, you are responsible for penciling in some time as your world keeps on spinning around like a tetherball.

With Lucidity Festival 2017 only days (!!) away, it feels like 10:15am again. School is back in session and we couldn’t be more excited for the first day. Or three days.

Or a whole week if you come for Lucid University Courseweek! Now, as adults, you get to combine both recess and learning where they overlap as one. Live Oak will transform from docile campground to animated dream world. We will pack recess with us to share with everyone. We will bring it everywhere we go.

From the author, Dane Remo: Consider me a thinker and an over-thinker. An analyzer and an over-analyzer. A story teller, an open book, and a listener. Where there is fun to be had you may find me there because if you aren’t enjoying your time you might be wasting it. Cheers!

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