Find Your Nook: Late Night Nomad Playlist

Playlist: Find Your Nook

Tucked away on the perimeter of Live Oak rests the Nook: a whomping meadow of bass-heavy music and late night boogie.

This year, as we shift the layout of the festival into Elemental Realms, there are a few things that are just too good to change. One of these is certainly The Nook, which will be within the Fire Realm this year. Along the river and protected by oaks you will find the Nook Stage, geared with forward thinking house music of all varieties, tech house, techno, drum & bass, and beyond. Down in the Nook, music stays on way past bedtime and the soundtrack of nighttime pulses through the Rising Dawn. The Nook lineup is made for Nomads in that the sounds encourage a wandering soul to dance and sway in the sonic alcove nestled in Lucidity.

Not all too familiar with the artists at The Nook?

From the larger print names up top to the ‘smaller’ artists near the bottom, there is no wrong turn to make.  Groove to some signature Dirtybird house & techno with Ardalan and J. Phlip, but don’t underestimate the other untz-makers like Bones and Kaysin also sharing the stage. A uniquely psychedelic house experience comes forth with the mushroom jazz of Mark Farina. And for the drum and bass fanatics out there, melt into the music of Chief Jesta and you’ll definitely want to put Burd is the Wurd‘s hour-long ‘Addicted to Drum and Bass Volume 1‘ mix on repeat to hype you up for the liquid dnb that rests in Rising Dawn!

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