Nourish The Soul With a Mindful Feeding Pass

Mindful Feeding Path banner marking the entrance of the Commissary.
Photo by James Lester

We’ve got a lot on our plate when it comes to festival planning. Don’t stress on the food. Be mindful and eat with us!

Nourishment takes a back seat when it comes to fest prep. Let’s be honest here. Our appetite to dance beneath the Oak trees severely out-hungers the desire to stop and enjoy a substantial meal. The answer? The Mindful Feeding Pass, duh!

While the checklist grows longer and messier we may find ourselves resorting to Top Ramen and the ever-reliable protein bars aplenty. Somehow between the daytime outfit changes and borrowed pop-up canopies, we’ve forgotten to make room in the car for that thing called food. Lucidity’s Mindful Feeding Pass will save you some space: mentally & physically, but you might want to leave some room in your belly!

What is the Mindful Feeding Pass?

The Mindful Feeding Pass includes (5) five catered vegetarian meals, courtesy of SolTribe Cuisine. No need to pack your camp kitchen, we’ve got it all at the Commissary. The Mindful aspect lays in the fact that all of our food is locally sourced and organic. Plus, vegan and Gluten Free options are available. All you need is your own utensils and eating set.

Two pairs of arms washing dishes at the Commissary wash station. Rinse, wash, sanitize!
Photo by @FishMakesPhotos
(The Commissary is equipped with a wash station so you can keep your utensils, cups, plates, and bowls clean!)

We invite you to join us for Friday dinner, as well as lunch and dinner Saturday + Sunday.

Lucidity has what is called the Mindful Feeding Commissary. In summer camp terms, this is the mess hall. Minus a cranky cafeteria lunch lady of course. The Commissary hosts staff meals pre-festival and continues to be the communal eating area throughout the event and post. Eating with your fellow community makes the food taste all the better somehow. It’s hard to explain. But I’ll take a stab at it. Let me put it this way…

There is no other time of year that I eat THIS good.

I’ve said it multiple times to friends and family and passersby at Live Oak. The food is some of the best that I eat all year. It’s Instagram worthy, it’s divine, it’s the epitome of a well-rounded health conscious meal. Mind you, I was raised among a family of caterers, bakers, and chefs all my life.

Dream Makers preparing food in the Mindful Feeding Kitchen. Chopping lettuce and sorting sauce. Having fun all the while.
Photo by @FishMakesPhotos

Whether at a family function or working catering gigs through college, I am often surrounded by tasty food. Yet Lucidity’s Mindful Feeding Kitchen takes the cake. Well, it’s a bit healthier than cake but how else am I supposed to butter you up on this sweet, sweet deal?!

“You learn a lot about someone when you share a meal together” – Anthony Bourdain

Communal eating is just plain old good for the soul. I’ve met such wonderful people by snagging an open bench seat available at the Commissary. Spending time with strangers enjoying a delectable meal is truly one of the best ways to connect. Encountering the unexpected within the meal, with a new person, together, it makes all the difference. Not to mention, you never know who you might be dining wtih.

Last year, I was sitting alone reviewing some set times for a couple artists I wanted to see later that evening. Dinner had just begun and bite after bite, more people began to fill the table. We started a friendly conversation about music and who we wanted to go watch. I asked the table, “Have you heard of High Step Society? They’re playing a set at the Dusty Barrel this afternoon and then main stage tonight!”

Smiling faces seated together in the Mindful Feeding Commissary eating area.
Photo by @FishMakesPhotos

Sure enough, just a few seats down and unbeknownst to any of us, the bass player (Ethan Rainwater) chimes in, “Yeah, I’m in that band!” I mean come on. How flippin’ cool is that!? We all continued chatting and enjoying dinner together as though it was our reunion. Something about the space and setting seamlessly diluted the awkward veil that can come to fruition as being starstruck or something of the sort. Just people eating dinner as people do.

This…this captures the shear delight for me of the Mindful Feeding Commissary. And I hope for you to have the same experience. To laugh so hard you spit your food out or ask a new friend if they’d like to eat with you. And may your tummy be extra happy this Lucidity.

Should you decide to treat yourself (or perhaps treat someone) to the mouthwatering goodness of a Mindful Feeding Pass, I promise to save you a seat next to me. I look forward to sharing a meal with you. <3

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