Playlist for the People: Regeneration Earth 2022 Edition

Photo by Andrew Lloyd

In silence we sway, in melody we find motion, and in this Regeneration Earth Playlist we seek reverie.

We dance through this thing called life while the soundtrack of our hearts fuels our very movement. Discovering the sounds that bring us to our knees and simultaneously get us back on our feet. The power of music comes as no news to us all. And trust me – as we dive into this playlist you will feel in every direction and beyond!

First things first. Though there are some overlaps from the original Regeneration Earth lineup a few years back, this is a new lineup for 2022! Excitement runs high and the volume is cranked up to eleven. Let’s take a peak at some of the artists featured in this bangin’ Spotify playlist.

Returning to Live Oak are some familiar faces like the psychedelic cowboys in black: Dirtwire. They bring with them instruments I still can’t pronounce sometimes and unique influences from far and wide. In our little sonic melting pot, these fellas provide big feels and ultimate grooves.

When you’re ready to get funk’d up tune into The Funk Hunters for that hard hitting, rump shaking bass bound to make you shake what yo’ mama gave ya!

Travel inward and deep with Anton Tumas, boasting some of the best that underground house & techno has to offer. Or, on another side of the genre spectrum are beloved folks like Papa Bear & the Easy Love. You can usually find them holding it down at the Dusty Barrel!

As per usual, the wide variety of music all in one magical place is, well, pure magic. Whether a headlining band, first time DJ, or sound healing journey – every name on the lineup and song on the playlist is heavily worth the time.

See you at Live Oak! <3

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