The Search for my Animal Archetype

a woman in a bear costume hugs a man in a velvet jacket
Bear Hugs. Literally. Photo by Marisa Pfenning

How often do you think about how you’re an animal? And how, as we roam, we are woven into relationships with other beings? It may happen physically, mentally, or in this case, spiritually.

Having a relationship with your animal archetype(s) sounds a bit daunting. Fear not the lingo. Instead, take a step back and consider this: why is it useful to have relationships in general?

We learn from others and, in turn, discover ourselves. You open your mind, body, and soul to something entirely outside of yourself. From these outside sources, we bridge the gap of inside and out. We close in on oneness.

So Why an Animal Archetype?

a man in a parrot hat
Photo by Marisa Pfenning

An animal archetype is an extension of Self. In this sense, we may think of it as a relationship with oneself. The importance then is to get to know you a little better. This is about exploring and welcoming positive and negative qualities. It is about taking those characteristics and acknowledging their place in you. Learn from this relationship.

And what if we don’t feel that there is a connection? To this, I respond with skeptics in mind. It may not be required that you know what your animal archetype is or even believe in the manifestation of one. However, no relation ought to mean that you run the risk of stagnancy. The stunting of growth. Why? Because in a fundamental sense, we are talking about what there is to gain through various affinities.

My Own Journey

Mind you, I speak of animal archetypes as someone who has not yet discovered my own. I am but an outsider looking in. One who is willing to remain open. Open to accept lessons from the hawk. I may take the aerial view on occasion and thus change my perspective. Or I can pull from the sloth and master the necessity of patience and diligence.

Consider how many cultures revere animals as highly important figures. With this kind of reverence, we are able to see (animals) not just as ‘pets,’ but as teachers and even holders of wisdom.

Such knowledge is not always easily acquired. For that reason, Lucidity offers workshops and wisdom keepers for those interested in growing these alliances. Respect the nature of these relationships for they are foundations that take time to build upon. Have patience and seek the wisdom. Jump into the lion’s den of curiosity. We won’t bite!

a woman in a bee costume among many others in other costumes
Bee Here Now. Photo by Marisa Pfenning.

From the author, Dane Remo: Consider me a thinker and an over-thinker. An analyzer and an over-analyzer. A story teller, an open book, and a listener. Where there is fun to be had you may find me there because if you aren’t enjoying your time you might be wasting it. Cheers!

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