Dressing For Lucidity: Where Comfort Meets Creative Expression

Three people in clown makeup & noses. Looking away somewhat perplexed. Certainly in character.
Photo by Fish Makes Photos

There are many things to consider when dressing for Lucidity. You know, like…what the heck do I wear!?

So you’ve got your ticket, and now it’s time to begin planning your trip! When dressing for any music festival, you need to consider three things first and foremost: comfort, creative expression, and weather.

If you take all three of these things into consideration, you will be well prepared to have the time of your life while looking fabulous and feeling great!

Here are the 4 most important elements of dressing for Lucidity, and how to plan accordingly:

1. Shoes

Shoes are arguably the most important element of any outfit at a music festival. Not only are shoes key to completing a “look,” but they are essential to ensuring that you are comfortable and ready to be on your feet all night!

Man on stilts with full pink outfit: umbrella, forearm cuffs, etc.
Photo by Get Tiny
Shoes…stilts…same thing, right?!

While it may be tempting to bring those 5 inch platforms, Lucidity is a festival consisting of rough, hilly terrain. Statement pieces might be good for a quick photoshoot at camp, but don’t plan to be adventuring around in these shoes – your feet will thank you!

Instead, make sure to pack some good, broken-in tennis shoes, sandals for the day time, good walking boots (water resistant, in case it sprinkles), and a pair of old slippers or flip flops for walking around camp.

Keep in mind that you will be adventuring on the forest floor, which is a whole lot of dirt and greenery. You want shoes that can get dirty and carry you all night. Plan for comfort. But don’t be afraid to get creative with it!

2. Layers

Lucidity takes place in the beautiful Santa Barbara mountains in mid-April. The California coast is a place of amazing springtime weather, but can often include temperature changes of up to 20 degrees between daytime and nighttime.

Additionally, switching between dancing and chilling will keep your body temperature changing as well! The best advice for weather like this is to plan for everything and wear layers. If you need some inspiration all you got to do is take a look at some of our vendors like Warrior Within Designs or Noralina Freedom Designs!

Bring a backpack with you to tuck layers into once you shed them, and keep them close by in case you need them again. Creative layering is key! Hats, scarves, and gloves are easy to store in a small bag and can be game changers during a chilly night! 

Woman in cow onesie. Grinning cheek to cheek!
Photo by Aline Kras
Onesie for the win!

3. Coats

One of the best ways to stay warm at night and express yourself is through funky coats. They keep you warm and can be shed off at a moment’s notice once your body temperature warms up from dancing.

Coats are not only funky and fun, but they are super cozy and perfect for that late night social circle when everyone is sitting around chilling and enjoying the good vibes. The best part? You can bring them to bed with you as another layer to keep you warm at night. If you forgot yours, head down to JessiRose Creations for some faux fur and other stylin’ delights.

4. Accessories

Lucidity is a place where you can feel free to express your truest self through outfits choices. Make sure you find ways to work elements of your creativity into your outfit. This might mean a flower crown, animal ears, light up wings, or a full on pirate costume. Perhaps some handcrafted leather goodies from El Gato Montes. If jewelry and hand picked fabric is what you seek, look no further: Omni Collection has you covered. Get creative with it! The options are endless.

Nothing is too out there, weird, or wild – anything goes, and you should feel free to have as much fun with your outfit as you want. Add some color, sparkle, and patterns. The best part of dressing for Lucidity is seeing the beautiful outfits that people create and share with each other. Inspiration runs free here.

Group dressed in funky, colorful coats. Man on right wielding a puppet. Woman in middle with toy light up lasergun. Man on left with beer!
Photo by Fish Makes Photos

Planning your outfits at Lucidity should be fun! Keep these suggestions in mind while you pack and you will be sure to have a fantastic time no matter what you wear. 

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