The Frick, The Frack, The Frick Frack Blackjack

Frick Frack Blackjack table with guests seated in front of dealer. Perhaps a hand is about to be dealt!

At a place like Lucidity, you can always expect the unexpected. Or un-expect the expected. Maybe expect the expected and un-expect the unexpected…?

One thing I do know is you can count on Frick Frack Blackjack to turn your expectations inside out and upside down!

In fact, that’s what makes the festival so exciting— you never know what you might stumble upon. Once the sun goes down, the energy goes up and the festival begins to come alive. And tucked away for those who seek it, is the fantastical, hysterical, and absolutely kooky Frick Frack Black Jack.

Frick Frack Black Jack is not your ordinary casino table. After dark and well into the early hours of the morning at Lucidity, the clowns come out and the game is on! Festival goers come armed with all their frick frack and get ready to leave it all on the table.

Upon first glance, you might notice something curious happening at a distance—folks gathered around a wagon adorned with knick knacks galore. After squeezing your way into the action, you might see patrons sitting in chairs surrounding a bar top, bantering with the clown-like hosts.

And you might notice them bartering over what appears at first glance to be, well, junk. But don’t be deceived! The most important thing to remember is that everything can be coined as valuable at Frick Frack— it’s all about perception. 

Two Frick Frack Blackjack dealers dealing out a hand. Dealer on left gazes down at the cards. A vast array of items used at bets in the background.
Photo by Brian Greenblatt

Once you grab a coveted seat at the table and are ready to play, you may choose what you’d like to bet.

Frick Frack is a no cash, no limit game. You can wager anything. Half of the fun of Frick Frack is bringing strange, eccentric things to bet on the table.The other half of the fun is bartering with the dealer and making your case to get the best possible match for your bet.

Let me explain: Once you make your bet, the dealer will offer you something from the wagon that they deem as equal value. You can either accept the offer or make the case for something better.

This is where it gets exciting: if you can make a good case for why the dirty naked Barbie you are betting is worth more than the dirty naked Barbie the dealer offers as a match, you might just find yourself being offered a dirty naked Barbie and some accessories.

Once wagers have been agreed upon for all at the table, the game is set in motion. It’s a traditional black jack game after this, and if you can beat the dealer, you will take back your frick frack, as well as the frick frack that was put up by the dealer.

Excited Frick Frack Blackjack participant flashing his sunglasses as a bet while seated at table. "House Rules" partly in frame on right side of image.

So the question remains: What do you have? An extravagant bracelet? A silly trinket? A ground score? A joke? Put it on the table! You might find that it’s all just Frick Frack anyway…

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