How to Bring the Festival Spirit Home

Festival squad posing together in their full digs for a photo. "Good Vibes" hand-fan hoisted in the back.
Photo by Megan Dujardin

There are many things that we all enjoy about festivals— the music, the art, the people, the eclecticism. But perhaps none are as great as the joy it brings your spirit to be unabashedly and unequivocally yourself, without a care in the world.

That feeling is something we all love and hold on to, and I believe it is what keeps us coming back, again and again. How can we integrate the feelings and joys of festival life into life in the real world? Let me count the ways…

Getting the Goblins Together

Planning get-togethers with your festival squad is vital to keeping the spirit alive in the ‘off-season.’ My friends and I plan regular events to get together — dressing up in our festival garb and letting our freak flags fly.

If it’s a camping trip in the fall, we make sure to decorate camp just like we would at a festival. And for those early spring beach days, we love to bust out our funky fresh fits and furs to wear as we hang on the beach and play games. Think of every hang as an opportunity to feed your soul a bit of the festival spirit!

Introduce the Eccentricities to Everyday Life

Close up shot of the "Serendipity Dispenser" installation. It reads, "Adorn someone with something beautiful; A ribbon, jewelry, facepaint..."
Photo by: Foster Snell / @FosterTheExplorer

Trinkets and odd things are not just for the Frick Frack table! They can be integrated into your everyday life as well. Use those funny figurines you find at the thrift store to decorate your home and bring some quirkiness to the environment.

Gifting is also a fun part of the festival scene that is easily integrated into life at home. Bring your trippy trinkets to get togethers with friends, and you may just find that those little plastic aliens make excellent board game pieces that bring a bit of festive energy to the game.

Bringing Creative Expression Back to Reality

Don’t miss the creative vendors at the festival, and make sure you grab business cards and take down names from those you like. Part of my decompression after the festival involves busting out the cards I gathered from artists and following them all on Instagram so I can have some of the awesomeness I experienced at the festival, fed to me everyday when I visit the app.

One of the best purchases I ever made at a festival was a beautiful canvas painting from an artist I saw live painting at Serenity Gathering. That same painting now hangs in my bedroom and never fails to bring me back to the feeling of freedom and inspiration I felt that night as I watched her paint it. 

The Sound of Festival Magic

One thing that can easily be integrated into our everyday lives is perhaps the most readily available thing at the fest (besides the good vibes)— the music! Make a playlist after the festival and follow the artists on your chosen music app so you get notifications when they release new music.

Artist Eli Rogers live painting a piece of his. People surrounding a pond of sorts, mushrooms sprouting, they're bowing in a sense. Trippy!
Photo by Megan Dujardin

And when the artists come to your city, make sure you get the crew together, get dressed in your funkiest fit, and head out to dance. A sure way to ignite the fun, carefree festival spirit that we all know and love— no matter where you are.

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