Festival Food: Mystical Dragon Mango Salad!

Photo by Edward Clynes

Editor’s note: Debra Mazer is sharing unique festival food and meals inspired by our archetypal villages. Check out the mythos behind Lucidity village camps for your own inspiration!

Hi Beautiful!  I’m Debra, here to share with you some of my favorite Festival Recipes for you to create (or use as Inspiration) here at Lucidity!  I ain’t gonna lie, I *LOVE* Lucidity’s Food Vendors (I’ve even worked with one or two! ;)), but sometimes you want something simple you can make at your camp or in your tent. 

My background is as an Award-Winning Raw Chef + Holistic Health Coach, so I thought I’d give you a window into my own personal Festival Recipe Repertoire. 

Lots of LOVE + ENJOY!

Mystical Dragon Mango Salad

Mystical Dragon Mango Salad  – serves 4

by Debra Mazer

::Scrumptious for Festivals.

::Luscious Hydration from the Heat.


2 bananas, peeled + sliced into rounds

2 mangos, peeled + sliced how you like!

4 kiwis, peeled + sliced into rounds

2 T cold-pressed hemp oil

pinch pink Himalayan salt

Note: this recipe can also be made with local, seasonal fruit, like citrus + strawberries. Feel free to Mix + Match, as your Creativity desires!


  • Place fruit in your favorite travel bowl. 
  • Add hemp oil, pink Himalayan salt. 
  • Mix w/ hands (for messy, creative kids or your own inner child) or with a spoon + serve.

Can you solve this Nutrition Riddle? 

Mystical Dragon Mango Salad brought to you by the Letter C, and the Numbers 3 + 6.

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