4 Tips to Elevate Your Day Using Essential Oils

Our relationship to plants and botanical medicine can really elevate our focus, enhance our mood, shift our environment and keep us smiling while we fragrantly roam about our day. My first set of essential oils included Organic Hydro-distilled Lemon/Lime, Blood Orange & Oregano Heracleoticum ~ and wow has my collection grown with time & experience!

My goal for this quick article is to enhance your experience using essential oils & botanical extracts with several tips for practical application and generalized usage throughout your day.

Allow your reality to uplevel with botanicals and essential oils
Allow your reality to uplevel with botanicals and essential oils

#1) Aromatic Foot Massage

Sometimes our bodies feel high levels of stress, anxiety or we feel super tired. Our feet are wonderful vessels for effectively & safely using pure, blended or diluted essential oils for therapeutic purposes. The small therapeutic molecules from the essential oils will absorb into the bloodstream in 5-15 minutes. My suggestion is to use the tips of your fingers with firm pressure ~ this way you give yourself a deeper massage, depressing on different pressure points while applying the oils. Typically I will rub in about 2-5 drops of oil on my feet.

Get super grounded, rooted and drop into your body fully with Vetiver.
Cedar is phenomenal and excellent before a meditation practice. Increase clarity, relaxation and deeper internal connection to help quiet the mind.

Chill out with some Lavender, lowering stress levels. Can slightly lower cognition temporarily due to hyperrelaxed state.
Kick up your attention span and awareness with Peppermint on the feet.

Wizard Alchemy Synergy: Try Violet Chill (lavender, cedar, frankincense, myrrh) at Lucidity to induce a pampered state!

Follow your nose to bliss
Follow your nose to bliss

#2) Temple Rub

Referring to the temples at the sides of the eyes. Use adequate pressure and take care not to get any essential oils in the eyes. Apply 2-3 drops onto the fingertips and massage in a circular fashion for 10-30 seconds.

If any essential oils get into the eyes, immediately wash the eyes with a clean carrier oil to dilute. My strong suggestion is fractionated coconut oil, though almond or sesame oil would probably work too. Water can intensify the irritation since most essential oils are not water-soluble.

For a refreshing temple rub tune-up, try Rosemary Cineole – it clears & focuses the mind, preparing the day for linear tasks. Great for students during study periods. After my temples are loved up, I enjoy massaging the remaining essence into my scalp and hair follicles.

Wizard Alchemy Synergy: Trinity is phenomenal for headaches, opening the sinuses, as is our Yogi Balance blend. It’s a vitally calming synergy of Lavender Mailette, Rosemary Cineole & Peppermint!

Docta Nick always smiling for Kava-Dabs
Docta Nick always smiling for Kava-Dabs

#3) Auric Cleanse

Honor your body with the finest essences energetically washing away the day’s story or upleveling your energy field. This is accomplished by infusing some non-irritating pure essential oils in the palms, rubbing the hands together and moving the palms about 3-6 inches away from the skin all around your body. This technique is dubbed the Auric Cleanse, for it truly clears unwanted energies quickly & effectively.

Having relationship loss – try Rose-Geranium to reduce attachment to the anger of the situation. Surrounded by negative energy and want to clear? Try the bibical Galbanum (CO2 extract is my preference) to wash away lower vibrations and negative energy immediately. Frankincense is full of wonder for clarity, elevating your mood, consciousness with a slight increase of your awareness to synchronicity. Frankincense is also helpful for meditation.

Wizard Alchemy Synergy: Psychic Protection – clears a person’s energy field immediately, removes drama, negative energy and you feel lighter. Instant reset button!

Cosmic Orgasms for everyone!
Cosmic Orgasms for everyone!

#4) Dynamic Diffusion

One technique that is powerful for shifting the energetics of a location is the Dynamic Diffusion. Place a few drops of essential oil or blend into the fingertips – snap the fingers tonight and calmly throw the hands around an environment. The essence will travel and move through the space and the fragrance will light up the room. Great for enhancing the aroma of a location or to clear out recent trauma in an environment.

Try using Distilled Lime to light a room up like delicious candied skittles. Lavender drops the energy of a location and can be helpful during shavasana (the end of a yoga class). Never use lavender in a dance crowd! Citrus tends to be agreeable for most people – Note that certain individuals are sensitive to some essences.

Nature always intrigues with what is possible.
Nature always intrigues with what is possible.

The world of essential oils is infinite and there are incredible combinations to explore and botanical adventures to be had! My hopes are that you found some of this information helpful and will apply this information in your routine as needed.

With Lucidity just around the bend, I look forward to celebrating with the community shortly and sharing my wizardry knowledge with an abundance of essences. Come find me and ask me to open my abundance box – you can find Dr. Nick’s Essential Oil Wizardry in the Healing Sanctuary.


Also, for Lucidity Participants, I have created a special hyper-dimensional blend called LucidiOil! I have it available for pre-sale on my website. Imagine African Copal Bark (CO2), Basil (Sweet), Elemi, Eucalyptus Radiata, Fir (Silver), Frankincense Carterii (CO2), Juniper Berries (CO2), Palo Santo, Pine (Black), Rosemary Cineole, Spearmint, Styrax liquidambar… Deep amber base notes soar with the licorice notes from Palo Santo, expanded by the Frankincense (CO2) spanning the scope of possibilities. Hop into the reality where the forest plays with fresh herbs, distilled wood and needles, sweetened by spearmint. Roll that existence into one bottle and you invoke true clarity – of mind, heart and spirit. All infused into Fractionated Coconut Oil ready to be enjoyed as a topical anointing blend and for use with sacred elevating ritual. Your pre-sale orders will be available for pick-up at Lucidity! Please bring your phone or print out to the event. Please have ID ready. Essential Oil Wizardry will be located in the Healing Sanctuary with BlissWay Tea Lounge.

~ Thousands of Blessings ~

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