How to Harness the Power of Intention with Intently


I have to admit, I was skeptical at first. A tool that could turn the trash of the internet into treasure? It sounded too good to be true, so I dismissed it. But a few weeks later, there it was again so I took a second look.

Intently is a tool for your web browser. Not the most exciting stuff, but the digital impact makes for unique experience that you can use to shield your mind and your wallet from adversarial advertorials. Imagine turning all the paid advertisements that display on facebook (or anywhere else on the web) into inspirational messages, picturesque landscapes and adorable kittens as far as the eye can see.

Now you can.

Intently is so much more though because it lets you decide what you want to see more of so that it can learn better each day how to motivate you with the spark of intention.

Joining is easy too.

Step 1:

Simply click here to setup an account with a name and email

Step 2:

Then you’ll be prompted to download the browser plugin.

Step 3:

Activate it and boom – you’re done. Just Browse “Visionboards” and subscribe to the ones that have content you like.

Personally, I didn’t realize the toll I was paying in purpose when I had all those ads permeating my online experience, but I’m pleased to be able to say now that I’ve reclaimed a level of focus that until now I was unaware had escaped me. Observing the time we lose in front of screens each day it seems to be clearer that the key to effectively utilizing anything requires harnessing the power of intention.

With Intently we can unlock the power of the internet by fashioning it for the purposes of education, inspiration and creation. That’s why we at Lucidity decided to partner with Intently. Through their efforts to leverage the technology of the day we can eliminate distractions that may divide us so that when it comes time to marshall all our faculties we can stand together at the Crossroads, to build a better tomorrow.

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