Welcome to the Crossroads: The Steps Ahead We Take Together

Friends, the time has come to make a choice.

As moments pass and time marches forward, each of us, at one point or another, arrives at the same place in the road of life. It’s here that we will need to make a simple, but perplexing decision: Do I continue on the path before me or do I head in a different direction?

And when we really look at it, we realize that in every moment where we must make a choice, we open up an infinite number of possible futures. With all these fractalized timelines and potential parallel universes, how do we decide which way to go?



After the unforgettable moments of prior years at Lucidity Festival, we’ve come to acknowledge a closeness that has formed. We’ve grown together as a family does. We’re united by our love of great music, our passion for healthy options and a love of each other and the earth. But we want more. We see the struggles that weigh on us all and know that a better world is possible.

So today, we’ve come together to dance, to dream and to connect as we often do – but this time we’re also coming together to prepare for the journey ahead. Some course-correction may be needed, but we’re ready. Today, our mission is to learn and grow so that we can become the manifestors of the change we dream about. Together, we stand at the Crossroads.


Photo Credit: Dustin Engelskind

While perplexing and a bit scary, the choice ahead is one we’ll all face by ourselves at one point or another, but we don’t emerge alone. We’re finding that more and more humans outside of our beloved community are awakening to the potential that exists when we come together and boldly move forward.

And not a moment too soon.

With conflicts persistent in the Middle East, attacks on innocent people in France, the Syrian refugee crisis, earthquakes in Nepal, worldwide deforestation, global warming, school shootings, food shortages and GMO proliferation, it’s more important for us to connect now than ever. If each of these communal challenges is taken as a piece of a larger whole, then it doesn’t take long placing them next to each other before the puzzle comes together.

Seeing the larger picture here, we’re all connected. But if it’s humanity and our world that’s at stake, doesn’t it makes sense to tackle these challenges together? We believe that we have a human obligation or a responsibility to assure a future for ourselves and later generations. We believe our relationship with the earth and each other matters now more than ever. We believe there’s nothing that can’t be achieved through the bonds we form with our fellow brothers and sisters. But most of all, we believe in LOVE. So much, in fact, that we’re here Now. Ready to take the first steps with you.

Let us learn together. Let us meditate together, move together, muse together. Let us cry together, laugh together, and heal together. Let us create together. Let us dream together. Let us grow together. Let us play together... 


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