Why We Offer a Mindful Feeding Pass

Chef Gage - Photo by Jeremy Whittaker
Photo by Jeremy Whittaker

Not every meal can be a good decision. Eating right takes hard work and discipline. Sure, it’s part of being an adult, but it’s not always easy and it’s hardly ever simple. Sometimes it’s not as fun as eating what’s convenient but it’s definitely, always the smart thing to do. That’s why this year, at the Crossroads, we want to present the Mindful Feeding Pass. It’s your best bet at eating healthy the whole time you’re at Lucidity Festival and Lucid University. As our guest, you won’t have to lift a finger except to wash your dishes after each meal, but you’ll still be able to see (and hopefully be inspired by) how easy it is to make delicious meals that are packed with nutrition every day.

At the Lucidity commissary, you’ll be fueled by the highest quality local and organic food, and rest easy knowing that you’re supporting a step towards a more sustainable food system. All food sourced for the Mindful Feeding program follows a food sourcing protocol created by the SOL Food Festival, which stands for Seasonal, Organic, Local. We purchase much of our food directly from local farmers and from our local partner, the Isla Vista Food Coop. The Commissary is a thriving heart of our festival that brings us all together—a big part of the magic that connects our community. Along our culinary adventures together, we’ll kickstart a new approach to eating and an appreciation for all things sustainable and delicious!

Photo Credit Gabe Ruiz
Photo by Gabe Ruiz

In addition to being the most healthy way to stay fed onsite, the Mindful Feeding Pass is:

  • Stress-free – Leave the camping stove at home. We’ve got you covered!
  • Humane – All foods are sourced from local organic farms without cruelty or chemicals.
  • A Great Way to Make Friends – Meet people at the Commissary and break bread with the fam.
  • Sustain your Brain – Our noggins need nutrition too. Getting the right vitamins and minerals will keep your head sharp.

Ultimately, this is one crossroads we’ll all have to face at one point in our lives. We may not all choose to meet this challenge in the same way but we can all agree that even if our health doesn’t mean much to us (and it should), it will always be important to use the time we have together to do the best we can. Get your Mindful Feeding Pass and join us at the table!

Photo by David Pricco.
Photo by David Pricco.

5 thoughts on “Why We Offer a Mindful Feeding Pass

  1. Love you all! Im really resonating with this whole message. I havent been to Lucidity yet, but I will be this year.
    The real reason Im commenting here is because Im kinda lost right now in terms of what to do right now. Little over a year ago a massive uiversal cleansing took place in my life where during the process I lost all i had left as far as material things.
    Ive never fit in to society or understood the communist life most americans call freedom. I have always however been a go getter, making huge come ups AND huge falls. Im verry skilled in growing, framing, all types of construction, Im a leader, but also good at being directed.
    Right now however Im living out of my illeagle van. Broke. I make beautifull orgonite art, Tensor tecknology. I refuse to support american corperatisim by getting a job in those lines. Im all about our culture, a huge activist in and for the Shift, and a warrior of light.
    Fam I desperatly need somewhere I can go work and play with family on the same vibration. Im at home in the country, on a farm, and submersed in the edm music culture.
    I Need a Job that supports Our mission! I would greatly appriciate any advise or lead.
    Much love and keep doin what you do.

    1. Hi Robbie,
      We hope there are greener pastures around the corner on your path! If you’re interested in gaining experience in the realm of transformational festivals, we are currently accepting applications for interns in a variety of departments. We’re also still accepting volunteer applications for the festival, and a number of other applications for ways you can participate in creating the magic, engage with the community and earn your ticket to Lucidity. We would love to see you in April! Keep on keepin’ on, and thank you for reaching out! Much love.

  2. Hi! I’m commenting here because I’m not really sure who else I can reach out to about the commissary pass. I want to get one, but I won’t be getting to lucidity until Friday night 🙁 I wanted to know what time lunch and dinner and served each day so I can plan accordingly on Friday.

    Thank you and can’t wait to be back home at Lucidty!

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