Alive Stage powered by the Sun!

By Travis Mock

Facilitated by Traverse

Excitement and magic is plentiful at Live Oak Campground during build week in the Lucidity Universe. We have been blessed with gorgeous sunshine and perfect weather these past few days. And it’s looking like it will last through the weekend! Our crews are full of life and bubbling with energy, tirelessly creating this amazing experience for everyone to share. The amount of fun and surprises in store for you is endless. Well not exactly endless, but we can share one with you today!

Photo by Andrew Okeefe

We are eager to announce the arrival of the Ecoboom truck; a hybrid solar power generator provided by Jeff Murrell of Focus Entertainment Group. This bad boy is equipped with 10kw of solar panels supplying the majority of our power to the Alive stage in Trixster’s Playground! With a backup biodiesel generator and locally sourced fuel, it should be able to handle anything we throw at it. With all the breakthroughs in the green energy sector it’s no wonder that Focus Entertainment Group would devise a vehicle that would serve the needs of the festival community and maintain Lucidity’s primary motivation to consider the ecological impact while offsetting the carbon footprint that is inherent in event production.

Lucidity’s brand new alternative power program is intended to develop and apply sustainable power solutions for our on-site electrical needs. Expect this program to develop some of the most advanced solutions to provide for our significant power needs. The mind expanding audio visual experience we share in the oak forests at Lucidity requires a massive amount of energy to produce and with this technology we intend to offset the carbon footprint, and the eventual intent is to eliminate combustion generators from the event entirely.


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