Council for Peace: Uniting the People

By Jah Questafari

Ancient Prophecy speaks of a Tribe of all colors.  The Rainbow Warriors of Native and non-Native origin will come together in service to Mother Earth and bring Peace to the planet by remembering our agreement to Great Spirit.

uniting the tribe
As we look around the world today we can see that the idea of “PEACE” can seem like a pipe dream, as war ravages the Earth, people are starving, and resources are diminishing.  However, John Lennon and the Beatles once said, “All we are saying is give Peace a chance,” and we wonder, have we ever actually given it a chance?  Having traveled around the world meeting children and adults of all different cultures we recognize that the inherent nature of Humans is kindness perhaps thats why its called ‘Human Kind;’ and perhaps ‘Human Nature’ is in our Nature to be connected to Nature.  For we all live on this beautiful Planet together and we are all brothers and sisters.  This is much of the view of many indigenous cultures from all over the world, which is why we are so grateful to be developing The Council for Peace.



The Council will be a collective panel of Indigenous elders and spiritual leaders from all over the world to develop solutions and gather our prayers to bring Peace to the world, or at least “Give it a Chance.”  At Lucidity Universe we are blessed to be visited by Hopi Elders and Kachina Chief Rick Koruh who as traveled from ‘The Center of the Universe,’ Hopi Nation, to share his prayers, drum, song, healing and many other sacred blessings to the festival grounds.  kachinaSome of us had the privilege to meet Rick on a trip to Hopi Nation in December.  When on the Mesa in Arizona we were welcomed into many homes, and shown many beautiful aspects of how the Hopi have kept their agreement to Mother Earth and Creator.  It could be felt deeply from their hearts, expressed in their art, and exemplified in their service to Spirit and Mother Earth daily.  While there we synchronistically ran into another amazing being of service, Curtis Reliford, who by himself had made over 19 trips to Katrina and one day heading back to California from Louisiana made a “wrong” turn and ended up on Hopi Mesa.  Curtis has a non-profit ( has now made 8 trips to Hopi Nation collecting food, clothing, and donations for the Hopi Reservation.  Curtis will be joining us at Lucidity Universe with is “Donation Station” where participants can bring camping gear (sleeping bags, blankets, tents, etc), food, and other donations to throw in his truck and help support the Hopi.  peaceThese steps of service are all steps we can take to help our fellow brothers and sisters of Earth to bring us that much closer to Global Peace.  The Council of Peace will have a discussion panel at Lucidity University to help get the ball rolling on “giving peace a chance” and building Heaven On Mother Earth, or H.O.M.E.  We must be the ones to build it and as the Hopi say, “We are the one’s we have been waiting for.”  From the build at Lucidity Universe we invite you to bring this intention of PEACE, LOVE, and UNITY to the Festival and join us in building a new paradigm.  Lucidity 2014, Welcome H.O.M.E.

2 thoughts on “Council for Peace: Uniting the People

  1. In my heart i have always had a feeling that something was wrong on Earth. People hating one another, people not being happy and at peace, war, alienation from one another. I am now 17 and still in highschool, but in my heart i wish to walk the earth and be in nature and unite people to a world of true majic, peace, and love.. to many this sounds like a matter of fantasy, but i beleive it can happen. The reason i am still in schoool is because i dont want to leave my family who does not fully understand how strongly i want to fulfill my dream. without a job, money, or status in this current society, it seems illogical and unreasonable for me to just “Go off into the wild” as they say… But in my heart i will be guided and i know what it is that i must do. I type this now from my heart and i realize it is no coincidence i found this website and am leaving this comment. The true wonder and spirit of nature will be my guide. ~ Caleb Jeremiah Guy….

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