Know Before you Go – For All Lucid Dreamers

From the desk of our beloved Admin Team:

Dearest Family,

As we embark on our respective journeys towards the momentary center of the Universe that is Lucidity Festival 2014, we invite you to look deep into your practices and how your choices will influence the beautiful sacred land upon which our festival will take place.

We encourage you to be prepared for all aspects of your journey, and we will explain in this email how you can access all the information to do so! Please read what we’ve prepared for you, check out the links, and share with other Lucid Dreamers who will be joining us!

Know Before You Go!

  • Want to Get In? It might seem silly, but do you have your ticket? Is it in your name? Whether you download the QR Code to your phone or print it on some primitive form of documentation made from trees… Bring your ticket. Got questions? We got answers.

  • Pack In & Pack Out: We have a very useful Packing List to cover all the essentials. Bring what you need – but don’t overpack. Space is precious on our grounds and we want everyone to have plenty of room. Please remember everything you bring in you should bring out.

  • Parking? No problem. All vehicles parking onsite will be charged a $20 Impact Fee (this fee is included in the Car Camping Pass). A little math will make it obvious that the more people in your car, the less each person pays! Don’t want to pay $20? You’d rather WE GIVE YOU $20? All right… Try our Rideshare.

  • Need a Ride? Lucidity understands the burden of driving in this economic climate. Let us empower you to make an enviromentally friendly choice! Lucidity is offering an affordable local Shuttle!

  • H2-GO! : We know how much you love building your muscles by carrying jugs upon jugs of water to your campsite, but maybe this year only bring one. We will have onsite water services brought to you by Klean Kanteen.

  • LucidiSOOP For the Soul: SOOP means Sound Out Of Place. Santa Barbara County has strict regulations regarding their noise ordinance. There is no amplified sound after midnight. This includes our stages, rogue systems and Drum circles.

  • Fuzzy Dreamers: Dogs are awesome. But folks… NO PETS ARE ALLOWED ONSITE. Assistance Animals (actual assistance animals) would never be turned away. Festivals are now coming under fire for dog fights that break out because of improperly trained pets. Here is the definition of a Psychiatric Service Animal.

  • Your Star Path: Here is a Google Map for your navigation system.

     Dreaming Green

  • BYO(Bring Your Own): Also known as an effort to END SINGLE USE ITEMS. By bringing your own utensils, plates, bowls, and bottles you can contribute to this effort! If you’re absolutely opposed to bringing your own, you can rent or purchase ours. And just in case you need a Waterbottle

  • Mindful Fooding: This year, along with our fantastic food vendors, we will have a local organic Farmers Market onsite where you can buy provisions to make your own food and support local farmers! Brought to you by The Ojai Food Co-op.

  • Slimming Your Waste: All joking aside… This is one of the biggest downfalls of our festival society. Be a part of the solution and set an example to everyone. Our GreenTeam will be set up to accept Recycling for free at our sorting station, but the rest you should be taking home with you! If you need a trash bag to pack things out in, feel free to ask for one at the info booth or sorting station.

  • PreSources:  Before you do your prelim food and gear stock up we ask that you keep in mind that this weekend is not the only time to make a difference. What you bring matters just as much as what we bring. If you’re unclear what that means…. “If it can’t be reduced, reused, repaired, rebuilt, refurbished, refinished, resold or recycled or composted then it should be restricted, redesigned or removed from production.” – Berkeley Ecology Center

 Lucidity Loves You 🙂

  • ADA Services: We are dedicated to providing an equal oppurtunity for everyone to dream and enjoy. While we are reserving space for ADA Car Camping, we’d like you to remember Live Oak is a natural setting with sometimes bumpy terrian and you should outfit appropriately. As well, we are proud to offer the opportunity for ASL Interpreters. Please let us know of your needs so we can best serve you. For information or questions you may have please drop us a note at in**@lu**************.com

  • Onsite Vehicle Services:  Locked out? We got you. Battery dead? We got you. Parked where you shouldnt be? We’ll get you. No really… Having a vehicle onsite is a priviledge. There are a limited number of car camping passes to allow space for everyone. We kindly request that you keep this in mind when determining your camping footprint.

  • Do You Own a Motor Home? Well unless you have a RV Pass for it, then your Motor Home should stay at home. Any RV’s that show up onsite will be charged a larger Impact Fee (for your larger vehicle) and parked in our parking lot. And we hope you brought a tent because THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO CAMPING IN OUR PARKING LOTS. It’s really far from everything anyway… you dont wanna be there.

  • Family Friendly: Lucidity is open to all Dreamers, young and old. Let’s keep our little Space Trekkers from zooming off alone! Register your little one, print out our Minor Release Form and have it completed and ready to present with your tickets. After all… Everyone should have a co-pilot!

  • Weather it Will or Weather it Won’t:  Before you show up in nothing but a feather bikini and combat boots you might want to check what the clouds are doing. Lucidity Festival will go on whether it rains or shines so you might want to know if it will rain or shine. We suggest this lovely online weather guide: WunderGround.

We look forward to dancing with y’all under the stars. We hope you take every opportunity to properly prepare yourself for the beautiful experience headed your way. Got questions we didn’t quite answer? Check out our lovely Event FAQ! And for making it all the way to the bottom of this email, we bestow upon you this wonderful sprinkle of utter happiness.

-Your Mindful Loving Lucid Family

4 thoughts on “Know Before you Go – For All Lucid Dreamers

  1. This was so helpful! but just wondering as i make a grocery list for this event what exactly the farmers market will have to offer, as i dont want to bring too much perishables 😉 will it be only produce?

  2. Hi guys i never knew about this event. I will do my best to make it and join in with all the lucid dreaming fun…thanks guys.

  3. Hi is there a list of restricted items not allowed in the festival gates. We will have a child and would like to bring food, water and a wagon.

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