Leave it Better Poetics

Channeled by Jah Questafari

Leave It Better
An upgrade from leave no trace
Where we all pitch in to MOOP
And get rid of “Matter Out Of Place”

Creating Sacred Space
On Sacred Chumash land
Uniting as a collective
Here is the plan


As we build this ‘Universe’
And come together
We are awake and aware
Of our Lucid endeavor
To honor our relations
The ground, plants, and tree’s
To honor each other
This is Lucidity

For as a collective
We have the choice to shift
To degrade and vandalize
Or inspire and uplift

Your presence is a gift
In this Universe we co-create
So lets leave it better
Than we found the place

For each collective gathering
Is an opportunity to expand
To awake in the dream
For a shift is at hand

We must act in alignment
With all our relations and the land
For divided we fall
And together we stand

We stand for change
For conscious evolution
We stand for peace
And the end of pollution

If we are the one’s we’ve been waiting for
Then we must act as a unified collective
And we must care for and honor Mother Earth
In order to be effective

Lucidity is a celebration
And may our experience be blessed
May we all be safe and aware
And in costumes be dressed

For this is a test
To see if we can flock like birds of a feather
So we ask for all our participants
To support Live Oak Campground and Leave It Better


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