Lucid Lineup Linguistics Letter From Universe

Channeled by Jah Questafari


Welcome to Lucidity Universe where THE RAINBOW GIRLS, THE COFFIS BROTHERS AND THE MOUNTAIN MEN WITNESS the GRIDWORK of THE HUMAN EXPERIENCE. Where STYLUST BEATS are the CORNERSTONE of this LUVAMP PROJECT, which may seem QUIXOTIC, but is actually not 2NUTZ. The ORIGIN of this GYPZY SUITE started off a little HAYWYRE in 2012 as CONVEX CUMULUS rain clouds formed and rain fell like POOR MAN’S WHISKEY. We must’ve been wearing THA CATS PAJAMAS, it was as if we had 9LIVES because when the RISING SON came out the NOMINUS BOGTROTTERS, some with IRIEYES, experienced pure NANDA and many connected with each other on a SOULULAR level, and truly became ‘Awake in the Dream.’

With one year in the ARCHIVE 95, we wiped off any remaining DIGITAL RUST and created a neighborhood that would’ve made MR. ROGERS proud. A transformational A LA MODE where we discovered our Totem animals from the inside to the UNDERBELLY. Some may have discovered the power of NAHKO BEAR or DRAGONFLY, while others found LINX to MIKEY LION or BIRD OF PREY like OCHO THE OWL.

Even though this year is a FUTURE RELIC we intend to build an OPTIMO Universe WORTHY of SHARU’s preservation. Universe is open to all walks of life – From the POPE, to THE PIRATE, the BIX KING to the SEVENTH SWAMI. We invite you to BLAYZE this trail with us. Together may we help the EARTH WAKE and support the TERRAKROMA of our CHADILLAC GREEN and BRANDON BLUE planet and STRIDAH to become BIRDS OF PARADISE rather than live like a bunch of RUFF HAUSERS. Rather a collective that attains MUMUKSHU, from the DECOY reality that tends to focus on SEX PIXELS and ELECTRIC DANDELION’s. A Universe beyond STRING THEORY that resides in our hearts and connected with nature. A Universe where you, and I, and every CELLOJOE create a symphony together and play DIXON’s VIOLIN as one. While you have the choice to choose OPTION 22 and drink MONTINO BOURBON, we still ask you to participate and co-create Lucidity Universe with us. All this word play is a dance of energy and at Lucidity may the energy dance harmoniously… And to close, since we are speaking about dancing, there is really only one more word to say: TIPPER




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