Sacred Commerce and the Marriage of Money and Love

By Barbara Wilder
& Samavesha Gayatri Devi
sacred commerce1

We are on a trajectory into a new era of life on planet Earth.  We are in the process of making a quantum leap in consciousness that will reunite what seem to be separate opposing ideas and behavioral patterns to create a luscious new coherence. This is an accelerated alchemical process that is happening in both our feminine DNA and our masculine RNA. Though our brains may have a difficult time believing that we are actually in the midst of this great time of transformation as we witness the horrific images of suffering caused by greed, poverty, and war, splashed across the worldwide media, in our hearts many of us are feeling something much deeper than the old world’s programming of this polarized story of separation.

Beyond our international challenges of poverty and all the other forms of suffering that arise out of the dualistic belief systems based upon lack and limitation, there is a massive shift at hand and many of us pioneering leaders all around the globe are dynamically becoming co-creative catalysts of this epic awakening! We are actively dreaming this new dream, and most of us are acutely aware that it is through the embodied power of Love that this collective transformation will – and literally – is occurring.

As we come together in the spirit of festival, we are loving each other, our Divine Mother Gaia, and the energetic forces of Creation that are cheering all of us on to build this New Earth. We are celebrating together in the healing elixirs of Love through music, dance, innovative modalities, nurturing foods, and integrative expressions of all kinds with positive vibrations that lift our hearts, bodies, minds and souls. Our creative medicine of inclusion explodes out of our artistic exploration of the greatFULLness of Life, and thus, our mindset is expanded way beyond the conditioned veils of exclusion.

However, more often than not, one common omission in our Festival Culture of Love and Life is the evolutionary exploration of money, commerce, and exchange as a Rite of Passage in and of itself. Yet this year the Lucidity Team is happy to announce the collaborative launch of its first Spiritual Economics Guild Panel. Our community is being invited to hospice the age old duality between one’s spiritual and material life, and boldly midwife in this emerging paradigm of holistic balance. We are pulling together all of our complimentary resources, and dedicating ourselves to genuinely resolving and healing one of the greatest wounds in our common psyche – that being the perceived split between our spiritual values and our economic resources. For some it has been the most difficult imbalance to face, and that is why we are being beckoned back into the Ways of Council so that we might publicly embrace our return to wholeness.

For example, how many of us all around the planet feel quite comfortable thinking about loving our neighbor, caring for the less fortunate, healing the sick, or replacing war with peace? Now ask yourself honestly – nothing withheld – how many of us also feel uncomfortable thinking or talking about bringing money and commerce into our sacred circle of life? Like it or not, we’ve all inherited a collective stigma (be it conscious or not) around money that tells people to disassociate themselves from monetary wealth because money is believed to be dirty, the root of all evil, filthy lucre, or fill in the blank! Even Jesus in the New Testament is quoted in the Temple as saying, we must “render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s and to God what is God’s,” as he allegedly screamed to throw the money changers out of the holy sanctuary.

The paradox is that we cannot survive in modern society without money. Yet others subscribe to the message that we can thrive without money. Hence, the night and day – push and pull – conflict within our larger collective consciousness all around the planet. We want it, need it, compete to get enough of it and at the same time have this deep seated (and sometimes hidden) belief that we shouldn’t have it.

This schism tends to impact our World Soul with a tremendous amount of suffering and angst between the have’s and have not’s on every continent, and in every language, and in every race all around our ONE Blue Jewel, known as Pachamama.


Now… What if the DIVINE HAS A PLAN for this? Would you listen? What if you were to discover that money and commerce were originally the most essential part of the sacred dance of life? Could you remember?

In present times money is the currency and commerce is the activity in which we exchange what we need to survive and thrive on this beautiful planet. In fact, money and commerce are some of the more common ways in which we can share all the abundant wealth of the Divine Mother Earth with one another. The issue has been that during this era of duality that we’ve been living in for the past 6,000 years our civilization has created a false belief that there is not enough money to go around. What if it was this false belief that unfortunately caused money and commerce to be based on competition (exclusion) and not on sharing (inclusion) as was the Divine Mother’s and Divine Father’s original plan? What now becomes possible if we courageously pull back the veil of this assumption and see it for the lie that it is? The great Indian scholar and mystic Sri Aurobindo knew what we could co-create when he said in his book The Mother, “Money is the visible sign of a universal force, and this force in its manifestation on earth works on the vital and physical planes and is indispensable to the fullness of outer life. In its origin and its true action it belongs to the Divine.”

As we come together to create conscious communities we are being asked to include the healing of the money force, so that conscious community can spread throughout the world on a flow of abundance and goodwill for ALL the Divine Mother’s and Divine Father’s children . To accomplish this we are being called to alchemically marry Money and Love – uniting commerce with consciousness. In this way Money becomes a vehicle for Love, and Commerce becomes an avenue for sharing our unique gifts.  Because the energy of Love is limitless, the old negativity of fear is melted away inside of this alchemy of UNION. When we marry and integrate Money with Love, money becomes infused with the energy of Love and thus becomes a conduit for “The Divine.”

Can you imagine an arena where we share with our fellow human beings from a place of embodied love and not fear that there isn’t enough? If you are visualizing this from the lens of your heart then you are seeing how we can restore a new, yet ancient, form of spiritual commerce. We are welcoming in a new Sacred Marketplace where we all bring what we truly value to share, and to take away what we truly require and desire from our other beloved family members. To begin this momentous process, we must practice the yoga of changing our consciousness around money and commerce daily in our own personal and professional monetary transactions with simple meditations on the thoughts that Money is Love, and Commerce is Sharing.

This evolving era of caring community and empathic unity that we are co-creating cannot be financed with money still mired in the old mindset that there is not enough and that we must all fight for (and often times even die for) our piece of the limited “pie.” As we transform our consciousness to compassionately loving, caring and sharing for and with our fellow human beings, we must create a new bottom line in business and commerce, and that bottom line must be LOVE.

As one of our contemporary sheroes, Arundhati Roy, has said, YES, “Not only is another world possible, she is on her way.” Can you taste it? For it is with the authentic power of love that true abundance is freed and liberated to flow naturally – like the nurturing sustenance of our Mother’s milk – to support us ALL.  


Author Credit:

2014 – Barbara Wilder – Author of Money is Love: Reconnecting to the Sacred Origins of Money, and the forthcoming, Creating a Sacred Marketplace.

2104 – Samavesha Gayatri – Owner of Speaking Tree of Life and founder of the Divine Union Academy.


Art Credit:

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