Seven Star Families alight our Universe

Where in the Universe do you come from? Learn your intergalactic lineage with Lucidity’s Star Family field guide and prepare for a cosmic journey. We’re happy to introduce seven new members to the Lucidity Mythos pantheon.  Take a moment to meet these Star Families, paying special attention to the family corresponding with your village, and be ready to run into them at the festival in April!

Many thanks to our beloved Amateo Ra for introducing and interweaving them into our open-source storytelling project

Arcturians – Star Family of the Courageous Dragon

The most ancient of our entire Milky Way Tribe, the Arcturians are a highly evolved race of radical awareness, innovation and experience. It was the Arcturian system that was first seeded in this galaxy, which initiated a series of descending races further into the galaxy, including our own inhabitation.

star beingsThe Arcturians come in many forms, as their highly-advanced consciousness has allowed them to press into singularity, and completely co-exist in an ever-passive and high-vibrational reality. The primary race is one of approximately 4 to 5 feet in height, blue skin and large minds. Their bodies are, however surprisingly ample and have a fit shape about them.

The Arcturians are rapidly becoming less physical, and yet  their entire existence is, well, hyper-physical. They have created highly intelligent bio-organic species of which souls and active living hyper-intelligent consciousness inhabit.

The Arcturians are witty, psychic beyond the proximity of our comprehension and ever-overseeing the unfolding of our experience of life.

Lyrians – Star Family of the Vivacious Jaguar

The Lyrians are the cat people of the skies. An old and ancient Tribe of elders who have experienced a tremendous amount of Cosmic Life Experience.

The Lyrians are about 6 to 7 feet tall, astute, bipedal and exotic looking. Their face has been associated as to that of a lion, however that is a rough depiction as they have very distinct, bold features and an appearance hard for our mind to contour, at the moment at least.

Having gone through a deep descension, similar to Earth, the Lyrians have within their rooted-history the experience and familiarity with conflict and the notion of scarcity. They are, however, today, ascended past that, now co-existing and traveling among the stars as well as still situated in Lyra.

Essassani – Star Family of the Wild Monkeys

How sweet it is to be loved by our future counterpart selves. The Essassani are our grey-human hybrid relatives who we share close-proximity evolutionary trajectory with. You may be most familiar with the Essassani species from Bashar, channeled by Daryl Anka.

Explore your star-being self in the Nomad’s Nook, where Starman and his crew will create cosmic body art for you!

The Essassani are a benevolent and loving race. The full history, is that in one timeline we turned into the Greys and then those Greys came back in time to interact with us to alter their and a new genetic history. This was ordained by Source, and we experienced what we did today.

However in the process, we also branched into the species known as the Essassani, a loving, unified, harmonic and playful race of grey-like hominids who are now back to visit, interact and reflect back our readiness for love, unity, harmony, communication and evolutionary intelligence.

The Essassani’s are our close-relatives and many have been served by their willingness to connect with them due to how present they can feel in your life.

Yahyel – Star Family of the Loving Doves

The Yahyel are a gorgeous and graceful golden beings. They radiate pure solar love and are one of the closest interstellar relatives we have.

They will be the first race to make open-contact with us as a species in the upcoming future. They are about our height, well-framed and seem to possess the appearance of an angelic anime character, many of which have golden hair. They are remarkably beautiful, heart-centered and considerate.

They are unified with their technology and have a passion for instigating and accelerating evolution and co-working, networking and informing throughout the Cosmos. Many of our social networking platforms were downloaded with the help of their stream of consciousness.

Connect with the Yahyel and build relationships with them. Their support can aide you in understanding your true nature and homeness among the stars.

Sirian Hybrids – Star Family of the Humble Tigers

Our Father Race, which has now evolved deeply and powerfully. Having merged consciousness genetically, they have become savants in integrative technologies of Source.

They are a pure direct line to Creation, and to our not so distant future, existing about 500-years into the Future and many thousands of years more advanced and evolved than our own race.

The Sirians have experienced dense-illusory realities such as our own, but not long before merging and existing in singularity. Many of the Essassani’s are now incarnating as Sirian Hybrids. As also prophesied to be our future, Sirius serves as the nexus point and way station for the ultimate transcendence of our Consciousness.

Sirius serves as a beacon plugged into the Ultimate Transponder of Consciousness, streaming the happenings of our local galaxy existence far and wide throughout the Universe. The Sirians overseeing this process and oh, so, so, so much more, are about our height, a bit taller, slender and have well-defined muscles. They are greyish blue, with slanted oval eyes, long fingers with precision dexterity and a wise-love.

Pleiadians – Star Family of the Playful Coyotes

Ah, the sweet, sensual nature of the Pleiades and the Pleiadians. The Pleiades are tall, round-faced, wide-eyed and have soft yet detailed features. They are beautiful and give one the impression of melting into God in their Presence.

Often confused with our Mother-race, the Pleiadians served as an entire incarnational, embodied existence before most of our souls journeyed to Earth. Rather, the Pleiades is where we re-learned the ways of the Mother and the Feminine before forgetting again and coming to Earth.

What is the expression or your cosmic alter ego?
What is the expression of your cosmic alter ego?

We are indeed genetically related to the Pleiadians and we are closely connected to all Seven Sisters. There are truly a variety of races existing in the Pleiades and this is addressing on primary race, and the one most often associated with human contact experience.

They do have human appearing faces with slanted oval eyes and astute features. Their premiere sound technology, which uses their body as instruments, has the capacity to read electronic signals and assemble reality interfaces.

The Pleiades also have a diplomatic like-quality, as they are very involved with the Interstellar Alliance, supporting the development of seed races on other Planets and ensuring their progress for the sake of All That Is.

The Pleiadians are extremely gentle and loving and are an easy race to begin psychically contacting. They are readily available and always quick to respond and interact. Be playful and see how your life can be enhanced by creating a relationship to them. It works.

Ashtar Command – Star Family of the Wise Owls

The Ashtar Command are a regal race of especially designed beings who live in complete service. The energy of the Ashtar Command is that of Archangel Michael on the Galactic Level, embodied in high-density, high-performance, high-vibrational reality.

The Ashtar Command is the Google of the Galactic World, carrying the capacity to directly process a great deal and bandwidth of Galactic Communication, creating the opportunity for Source to easily interface with all beings in full high-defintion way of relating.

Ask the Ashtar Command for anything, ask them in exact detail and relay your requests in full neutrality, and they can fulfill incredible miracles for you and your life. They have a variety and methodology of advanced technologies that are designed and oriented to help support the upgrade sequences within our DNA.

Ashtar Command will kick these sequences into relay, giving us a more complete and holistic interface with our entire reality. They are tall, elegant, mostly blonde and golden aura-beings who are also physical.

They exist mostly on Motherships and a multitude of billions of other ships, all of which are an extension of their consciousness. They are fast and are helping stream the innovations of our start-up technology singularity culture.


We hope you’ve enjoyed this description of our extraterrestrial ancestors and allies. Allow this field guide of sorts to inform how you embrace the Lucidity mythos, how you dream, and how you show up at the Festival! See you soon. 


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    Thanks for the interesting viewpoint. Im aware of various levels not species. Terrestrials, extraterrestrials, hyperterrestrials, ultraterrestrials, absonite beings, Havana forms, and an auric field beyond measure. We all have various viewpoints thanks for sharing yours….peace open minded traveler

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