Transforming a Historical Theater into a Lucid Playground

By Rob Grant, LucidiBlog Contributor.

It’s hard to believe a little over a month has passed since Rising Vibes for the Universe transformed the stately Arlington Theater into a beacon of emergent culture in Downtown Santa Barbara. The expansive evening co-created by everyone who contributed to its magnificence lives front and center in our consciousness, thanks in no small part to the efforts of the aesthetic collaborators who probably left you wondering: “Whose beautiful hearts and minds came up with these things?”

Bamboo archway in the Arlington Theater – designed by Gerard Minakawa and executed by Lucidity Art crew. Photo by David Pricco

From the radiant bamboo archway in the Arlington’s Courtyard to the muscular main stage, Rising Vibes for the Universe was a collective effort of many different souls.

Gerard Minikawa’s Bamboo DNA  is well-known to those who’ve attended the Lucidity Festival in the spring — Bamboo DNA built the Lucid stage this past year and the Alive Stage in 2012. For Rising Vibes, the Lucidity Build Crew created the radiant archway in the Arlington’s Courtyard in collaboration with Bamboo DNA.

Inside the theater, a host of collaborators embellished the space.

Santa Barbaran Jonathan PJ Smith’s magical projection processes transformed the theater’s ceiling into a sequence of ever-shifting wave patterns, providing a window into the Universe.

Then there was the BIG sound that vibrated your whole body with its deep frequencies. Those sonic waves came thanks to Funkworks and their explosive, gut-massaging Funktion-One soundsystem.

Thanks to Audiowaska — whose work you may also remember from its namesake stage at Live Oak earlier this year — we had an impressive, temple-like main stage from which the musical guests could transmit their artistry.

Light projection on the ceiling by Jon Smith, Audiowaska stage with lighting effects by Audiopixel. Photo by David Pricco

Illuminating this entire assemblage was Creative Precision with Audiopixel delivering the blocks of cascading pixel lights that created a richly colorful visual tapestry.

Of course all of these various inputs would have been only that without the leadership and the context laid down by the Lucidity Festivals’ Production Manager, Eliot Winder, and Art Department head, Luke Holden. Their team for this project was comprised of Ronaldo Dixon, Nicky LaFleur, James Spektrum, Sam Cumulus, Brad Greenbaum, Michael Stilwell, George Swiggum, and a host of other creative dreamers.

As important as the legion of people producing Rising Vibes for the Universe is, your contributions are what made this event truly special. Each one of us possesses a peculiar blend of creative talents and life experience, and Rising Vibes for the Universe’s majesty was manifested by your willingness to show up as you are and co-create!

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