Family Friendly Guide to the Lucid City!

Two children mid flight on the Pyro Bar swing being pushed by an adult. Gleaming smiles aplenty.
Photo by Harrison Weinberg x @StaticNomadic

Is it apparent that I’m a parent? I am the proud father of two lovely little ladies. That gives me street cred for writing this family friendly festival topic. So let’s dive into the world of everything kid friendly at Lucidity!

First, if you haven’t been to this festival. You should be aware that some childhood classics will be bumpin’ all day with a dubstep twist in Family camp.

If you’re not a fan of dubstep, don’t worry. Its nothing too crazy, but puts a fun festival spin on some favorites that you won’t be able to resist dancing along to with your little companions. The wheels on the bus do go round and round. Let loose and bust a move!

The whole festival is kid friendly, but some areas are kid specific and you will surely be spending a lot of time there. Especially if this is your first Lucidity festival, I’ll touch on a couple of them to give you a sneak peak and help you plan out your first day.

Stop number one will probably be the Imaginarium. Why? Because it has a super cool name and it’s a super cool place!

This is where a lot of the family workshops of childhood wonder occur. It gives off a very safe and family friendly vibe. There’s arts and crafts, games, and the occasional spontaneous musical performance that will keep you and your family amazed at every turn.

Let your little ones immerse themselves in all the fun games and interact with other parents and their children. There is always something going on at the Imaginarium.

Adult and infant on teeter totter. Shot from middle of teeter aimed at one side of teeter. Child's face is covering adult's. Very neat vantage point of a cute moment!
Photo by Eric Allen

Next stop will likely be Fairies Hallow. 

This colorful land of wonder immerses you in a fairytale like setting. They have face painting, treasure hunts, and creative learning games. Its not just a place for the young. It is an enchanting place for the young at heart as well. There is something inspiring for all ages and once you leave, will have your kids asking to go back to the fairy place all day!

Now at this point in your day. You may be hearing some grumbling tummy’s after all the fun you’ve been having with your littles.

A short walk through the festival will take you to the food vendor area near the Lucid Stage. There are tons of food vendors, merchants, and the artist promenade. Grab a fruit kabob or ice cream, and enjoy one of the sunshine at main stage. Sprinkled about are often some climbable installations, life-size board games, and other fun activities like Flow Toys and beyond!

You could also take a walk through the local vendor area to find your mini-me’s a fun hat or souvenir to remember there magical Lucid adventure.

Mix of children and adults at the vendor row. Man sitting (more like squatting) on children's bike. Grins all around!
Photo by Tanya Nesta

Lastly, take a look at the nightly line-ups of performances happening around the festival.

Main stage will usually be pretty bumpin’ and crowded, but if you want something a little more reserved for the younger crowd, there is also a live music stage to explore. Many people in family camp will also have games set up and sing along’s happening for those who choose to stay close to home after dark.

There is something for everyone to enjoy at any time of day. Be sure to stay hydrated and make Lucidity a magical family memory to cherish with your children for ages.

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