Oh, the Workshops You’ll Go to!

Workshop attendees in shaded dome, hands joined and raised in the air. Sitting crosslegged and eyes closed.
Photo by Lerina Winter

If you haven’t been to a festival workshop, you need to get your butt out of the tent and immerse yourself in everything Lucidity has to offer.

Make the most of your festival ticket and check out the free workshops Lucidity has to offer. This year there is another amazing schedule of classes, discussions, presentations, and group exercises to open your minds eye just a little wider.

Whether you’re limber as ever, or want to become a flexible yogi, there are tons of classes available to suit your needs. You could be seeking mental clarity, enlightenment, chakra cleansing, or even looking for ways to cure past life trauma.

They offer couples workshops where you can gain a better understanding of your partners love, body, and soul languages. There are even dance classes for those looking to strut their stuff a little more confidently on the dance floor.

Partner workshop in action. Students holding partner balance pose with joined hand leaning away from each other.
Photo by Lerina Winter

I spent about an hour going over the workshop page to plan out my own Lucidity adventure and I’ll share the ones I found that interest me most and name a few more that may interest you.

I wont be able to mention them all, so do yourself a favor and browse some of the categories and get the most out of your festivus.

So, I personally dig stuff about dreams and the human mind behind those dreams. Low and behold, there is a workshop this year called Lucid Dreaming Panel Discussion that looks very intriguing. It’s a panel discussion of numerous individuals with immense knowledge on everything ‘dream’ and will be moderated by one of the founders of Lucidity, Jonah Gabriel Haas.

You can find this workshop at The Summit in the festival. Count me in!

The second workshop that caught my eye was Sound Immersion Experience with Danny Goldberg. I felt like I was very go go go for the most part at Lucidity last year, and I wanted to make a conscious effort to slow down and enjoy some zen-ful down time. This workshop looks to be just that. Lay around, relax, and listen to some soothing sounds for an hour while doing absolutely nothing physical. Sounds amazing.

If this sounds like something you’re also interested in, this workshop can be found in the Movement Lab at Lucidity.

Movement Lab packed with attendees laying on backs in a pose while instructor is at front leading workshop.
Photo by Kris Kish

Third and certainly not the last of the workshops I plan on enjoying is, A God Of Many Names with Dr. Rachel Stricker. This workshop aims to open up dialogue about individual perceptions of God, as well as the similarities in religion instead of the differences in them. I’ve recently found this topic coming up again and again in my daily life and see it as sign that I need to check this workshop out in person.

This one can also be found at The Summit within the festival.

A few other workshops I found memorable during my browsing were: Communal healing Through Reiki at The Summit. Primal Fusion with Amy Millar, an active yoga class featured at Movement Lab. SkyFire
Academy’s Flow Arts: Phase 1
with Michael Ravenwood also at Movement Lab.

And also, Breathwork Visualization Journey with Erik Casano, this event is booked at the festival but doesn’t currently have an assigned location yet. Check back before the festival to confirm the location if you’re interested in attending.

Lastly, my girlfriend wants me to include her #1 pick….TWERK Can’t stop that Jiggle with Ellectra Hartman. For all the people out there that cant twerk yet but want to, you can find this one at the Movement Lab! There is literally a class/workshop for everyone. Go check out the workshop page now so you don’t miss out on some great events.

Take some time for yourself to learn, play, and explore everything Lucidity has to offer. You won’t regret it!

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