Lucidity Festival 2015 – Official Video

Thank you to Tony Moss for the Music Track. You can download the song Sunflowers & Wood here >>

We are delighted to dream with you again during our 4th year Kindred Quest.  Join us this spring as we learn, grow, create, transform, and dream into reality our unified intentions, at home together again.

April 10 -12, 2015 at Live Oak Campground
Above the Hills of Santa Barbara,

Come Play with us!

 Thank you to our amazing dreamweavers team for the epic work behind the lense!

Jazwell Arts
Akira Chan
Zac Cirivello
Brendon culliton
Aaron Cyrus Dorr
Spenser Gabin
Alexandra Gibson
Reid Godshaw
Kenny Hoff
Benjamin Johnson
Nick Korompilas
Julie Micheline
Jennifer Muse
Tobin Poppenberg
David Pricco
Julian Reyes
Liana Sananda
Julian Scalia
david schnack
Nicole Sorochan
Alicia Tripp
William Walsh
Kate Webster
Spencer Weiner

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