Feminine Power and Pleasure: Talking with Lisa Citore [INTERVIEW]

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Photo Courtesy of Lisa Citore

Lisa Citore is a woman you might not have heard of before. She is a pleasure activist, writer, sex educator, and performance artist. She has been involved in multiple projects surrounding sex, relationships, intimacy, and feminine empowerment, while writing on her own blog about her personal experiences and thoughts on the relationship between pleasure and women’s health. She has also managed to birth sold out productions that have gained her enormous attention.

As a wordsmith of sorts, empowering people around the world with her sex positive talks, Citore leads pleasure sessions and sexuality liberating intensives. She is trained in the tantric arts, Goddess practices and has coached others for many years. While a profession like Citore’s might confuse or shock some people, there’s no denying the lessons that can be learned from her work.

We caught up to speak with Citore about her recently released satirical music video titled, “On Your Knees”, which is a fresh look at women’s pleasure and empowerment befitting the contemporary 21st century. Much like other videos of the same name by the likes of Ariana Grande, Nicki Minaj and Grace Jones, Citore urges women to claim their bodies as their own and not just as objects. The title “On Your Knees” was fortuitious because, Citore explained that, it implies “both subservience and worship… In turning the tables and playing with the roles of masculine and feminine” she explains. “Perhaps both sexes can be freer with one another, and we can become a more creative, inwardly balanced yin and yang culture.”

Her video is straight-forward and contains some sexual language, but underneath the raunchy fun is the message for women claiming their desire and pleasure. While the overt language may put off some, Citore stands strong in that her character in the video represents a primal aspect of the Goddess, whose mission is to not only empower women sexually, but connect women to their ancient feminine power. In review, there are a few lessons that can be taken from “On Your Knees” and below you’ll find ones that stood out the most.

courtesy of lisa citore

Photo Courtesy of Lisa Citore

“My Yoni is Gucci” as Citore says in her video. Your body is a temple and it is up to you to decide how others worship it. Do not feel embarrassed, shy, or like you’re asking for too much when you request certain things from a partner or lover. Citore explained, “I’m not advocating that my pleasure come at the expense of the masculine, nor is it my ideal for women to rule the world. I just want to bring things into balance. The anti-feminine, sex and body beliefs that have infiltrated the human psyche for centuries are as hidden as they are insidious.” Men have always had the privilege to express their sexuality without being reprimanded for it; it is time women do the same, with gusto!

Don’t be afraid to talk dirty. Did you know talking dirty can help you liberate suppressed desire and energy, which not only sparks your sex life, but your creativity? Did you also know that a high sex drive is one of the common factors found among successful multi-million dollar entrepreneurs? (a fun factoid from Napolean Hill’s book, Think and Grow Rich.) Traditionally, the expression of sexual desire has been considered a more masculine trait – which may be why up until now men have made more money across the board than women. But the tables are turning! For the first time ever in history, women in their twenties are making more than men. “The sacral and throat chakras are connected,” says Citore. “A woman’s vagina and capacity for sexual expression is connected to her voice in the world. Women are shy about talking dirty with their partners. I hope my exaggerated expression in the video gives them permission to play.

Women’s pleasure is just as important as men’s pleasure. Women are not objects, but autonomous beings who deserve and have the capacity to feel infinite pleasure. And yet, says Citore, “Many women can’t have orgasms either with themselves or with their partners. Or they prefer disembodied sex under chemical influences. The tendency to project their power and outsource their feelings of desirability and pleasure to their lovers keeps them in perpetual states of co-dependence.” Citore goes further to say that this is because women are not taught to value our sexual desire and pleasure. “While parents have come a long way in helping our daughters to love their bodies, we’re still afraid of encouraging them to claim their own sexual experience and expression.”

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Photo Courtesy of Lisa Citore

Watch or listen to more of Citore’s performances and talks if her strong sexuality is something that strikes a chord with you. More and more women are embracing the power that has been suppressed for ages and finding their own potential. When Citore was speaking about her vision of her music video to different friends and colleagues, she said that “high conscious friends suggested that I bring the men and women together at the end in some hugging, kumbaya moment, so I wouldn’t be causing more polarity between the sexes.” Citore didn’t see it that way. “There can’t be any real sex and partnership between men and women until the feminine aspect in both sexes wakes up to the full range of her sexual experience and expression. I’m not tying up men per se at the end of the video. I’m tying up and leaving behind patriarchal conditioning. And isn’t this what everybody wants?”

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