Firefly to bring circus and flow arts to India

We recently had the delightful opportunity to chat with Tammy Firefly, Lucidity’s Performance Art coordinator and all-around badass. Tammy’s skill in curating world class performers is only eclipsed by her own impeccable ability to keep an audience enthralled through a variety of circus, flow, and acrobatic arts. If you’ve been hanging out in the transformational festival scene for any amount of time, you’ve probably seen her as she’s one of those characters who just seems to be everywhere at once. Soon she’ll be traveling to India with special surprises for some lucky children.


As Lucidity fancies itself an incubator for creative projects and social change-making, we’ve developed an interest in Tammy’s most recent philanthropic endeavor. She’s launched an Indiegogo campaign that is seeking to raise money to bring flow toys and circus arts to children in India. Rather than delve too far into the subject, we’ll let our interview with her speak for itself:

LF: Can you tell about the vision of your upcoming project?

TF: Ever since I embarked on my first world tour in 2007, I’ve been inspired to bring flow and circus equipment to kids in need. Last year I visited schools in Bali and this last Christmas I delivered toys to orphanages. This year I’m going to study in India and bring toys to gift to children in need. My vision is to bring flow and circus arts to kids around the world. With the assistance of people in our community and organizations like Lucidity, I will bring the dream of creative physical expression to children on the streets, schools, and orphanages of India while traveling from Goa to Rishikesh studying Yoga and meditation. The project supports kids shifting their bodies through space as they learn to express themselves through movement with toys such as Hulu-hoops, poi, juggling equipment and other circus props. I plan to teach children how to interact with the world through joyous physicality, dance, and circus arts.IMG_0383

LF: Tell us about your itinerary. Where will you be going and who will you be working with?

TF:  February 14 – I will arrive Goa, spending 10 days working with children from orphanages to the streets. I am meeting 4 other circus artists in Mumbai (who happen to be in India at the same time) and a videographer Joseph Trivigno who is the founder of The Musical Circus and creator of a documentary called Stuck in Katmandu/A Journey to the Valley of Flowers, that was filmed at the same orphanage we are visiting.

We will bring toys to the Nag Orphanage.

February 24  – We will fly to Nepal and work with the Nag Orphanage, who hosts over 500 kids. We will also work with the local government school. We will spend a few days playing, performing for the children, and delivering tons of circus equipment, all while documenting the experience and the joy it brings to the children.

Feb 28 – I fly to Rishikesh and participate in an International Yoga Convention followed by a yoga teacher training at the Sattva center outside of  Rishikesh. The owner of the program also works with local school groups in the area, allowing me to continue my work with the children.

LF: What will the indiegogo donations go toward?

TF: The donations will allow me to bring a larger number of toys to India, allow me to visit more orphanages, off set travel costs, baggage fees, daily expenses, and make it possible for me to dedicate more time in India to work for the betterment of children.

LF: What type of rewards can donors expect to get with their money?

TF: Besides the satisfaction of knowing underprivileged children will be getting your gift of flow, you’ll also receive some wonderful gifts of your own!

Perks include:

~ Gift cards to Flow ToysAstral Hoops, and Fire Groove

~ Event tickets to Lucidity Festival, CirqueCampHoopCamp 

~ Classes in flow arts such poi, hoop, staff or double staff

~ Aerial classes on an apparatus of your choice

~ Strength and flexibility classes

~ Your very own Buugeng hand crafted from the master himself, Dai Zaobab

LF: Are there other ways that people can help this cause if they aren’t able to donate financially?
TF: Yes! If you can’t donate money, you can donate your time helping me craft the equipment, or already made props or toys! Spread the word to your friends, collect child sized Hulu-hoops, or pass around a donation box for old flow toys.Every little bit helps and I appreciate you supporting me in this vision. Thank you for your love and support!

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