#Love is overtaking #Me !

Win a FREE Lucidity Premium Gift Package for Christmas.

Did you know that the number one hashtag used on the Instagram social media platform is #love? It’s been tagged on a whopping 67.7 million photos.  Perhaps this means the hundred monkeys are waking up to what’s ultimately important!

Top Instagram Hashtags




Source: http://top-hashtags.com/instagram/

We LOVE to see #love bigger than you, bigger than #me, and more popular than all the #instagood out there in the world. That’s right, according to Instagramers, love is the most powerful concept in the world! Isn’t that refreshing?

In light of this information, and as a way to celebrate the holidays, we are pleased to announce the #Love is taking over me, #LucidityFestival Christmas challenge! One lucky winner with the most thoughtful, beautiful, creative, or funny Instagram post that includes both hashtags #love and #lucidityfestival, will win a free Premium Gift Package ($180 value), and 5 runners up will receive a 20$ discount code for Lucidity Premium Gift Packages.


1. Post a beautiful Instagram picture using both hashtags #love and #lucidityfestival in the comment.

2. Immediately afterward post the picture on our Facebook page so that we can connect you with the picture you posted and have a way to send you a private message.

3. The winning pictures will showcase something that you love about Lucidity.  Or perhaps they will represent Lucid Love. Either way, they will be beautiful, witty, creative, funny, ironic, or simply awesome in one way or another.

4. Instagram pictures will need to have been taken and posted by 11pm on Christmas Eve. Yup, you have a very limited time to complete this challenge!

5. We will choose one grand prize winner and 5 runners up. If you are a winner, you will wake up Christmas morning with a notification that you’ve won in a comment on the winning Instagram photo and in a private message to the Facebook profile you posted from. The message will include directions for claiming your prize.

6. Prizes will have to be claimed within 1 day or else coupons will expire.

Good luck and may lucid creativity be with you!


5 thoughts on “#Love is overtaking #Me !

  1. Love is overtaking me
    Blissfully dancing with you here
    The golden sunrise and fresh morning air
    The joyful noise of our friends everywhere

    We dream awake
    Of Lucidity Dreams
    Into manifest reality
    It’s not as hard as it seems

    We dance with beautiful sisters and brothers
    As every drop of golden kindness
    Flows from Lucidity Festival fathers an mothers

    Our love
    Is the key to
    A bit of Heaven
    And you are
    The door

    Your courage will unlock
    Your heart
    So you
    Do not remain

    It is hard to
    Get out of the box
    As many
    Small children

    We can
    Only be amused
    For so long
    With the box
    Before we
    The real toy
    Has been waiting for us
    And the box
    Was just
    A toy we accepted
    By the
    Of our

    Love you
    Merry Christmas
    Lark Freeman

  2. Love is overtaking me… no matter how I run from it, it gathers it’s momentum and is just about to grab me body and soul and after years of just standing out, I will finally fit in – sort of in a fluid kind of way.I wonder if I could be monkey number 100… what a thrill it would be!

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