Lucidity Festival is now accepting Bitcoin as a payment option.

Bitcoin totemical
Visionary Bitcoin Art courtesy of Justin Totemical thanks to Steven Wagner.

2 - PG58dMKEver keeping our eyes on the horizon, searching for the big ideas and innovations that will contribute to the building of a whole new world, we at Lucidity Festival are delighted to announce that we are fully activated to accept bitcoin in exchange for festival passes. For those of you who already know what Bitcoin is, you know the supreme awesomeness inherent in this announcement. For those of you who haven’t heard the buzz yet, no worries, we’re happy to share! Bitcoin is a mostly unregulated, completely de-centralized virtual currency that is making big news across the globe as, potentially, the new financial system of the future.

Here’s an easy way to conceptualize bitcoin:

By accepting bitcoin we are supporting our core values of Social Responsibility and Communal Reciprocity. We firmly believe that a world of sovereign spirits and truly free people will only be realized in it’s highest potential when we diminish our reliance on, and vulnerability to, global systems that are proving to be inefficient, corrupt, and increasingly antiquated.

Bitcoin has skyrocketed in value over the last year. As entire industries are cropping up around it, more and more merchants and retailers are accepting it, investors are buying and selling, and countries are scrambling to figure out what to do about it, all the while the exchange rate from BTC to USD has been climbing. The following chart depicts the value of bitcoin in USD over the last year.

bitcoin value in usd last year

Now go ahead… here’s the button that makes using this wonderful new alternative currency possible! We like buttons. Keep in mind that at this time we’re only able to sell one $174 three-day pass at a time with the button below. Make sure to provide the correct email as we will send you an eventbrite electronic ticket as soon as we receive your bitcoin payment.

Pay With Bitcoin

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